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The Best Movies and Television of 2016 So Far


One of 21st century life’s greatest pleasures is to chill out with some of the latest movie and TV treats courtesy of our favorite streaming services.

And whilst 2015 was a great year for home entertainments, 2016 looks to be no different as there are some great TV titles that have inspired the latest wave of online slots games, as well as some massive comic-book movie adaptations to enjoy.

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Marvel has already started the year in grand style with its hilarious Deadpool action movie. It’s rare that we get to see superheroes seeming so eager to send up the whole genre, but Ryan Reynolds’ performance was funny and violent in equal measures, and bodes well for when Captain America: Civil War comes to our cinemas in May.

Other massive cinema hits in early 2016 included the welcome return of the really really good-looking Zoolander 2, and the award-winning The Revenant that finally rewarded Leonardo DiCaprio with his well-deserved Oscar.

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However, the biggest cinematic hit is still to come with Zootopia arriving at our multiplexes at the end of the month which has already proved to be a success with one particularly odd subculture. The film should once again deliver a massive amount of Disney merchandising like The Lost Princess Anastasia slots game that has appeared at the Royal Vegas Casino site with their entertainment blog giving a comprehensive summary of all of the latest gaming, movie and TV news.

And television is really enjoying something of a golden age in 2016 with an endless range of TV series providing many hours of immersive entertainment. Although the next series of Game of Thrones is still some way off, there has been the online release of a teasing featurette. And fantasy fans can get a Game of Thrones fix at the Royal Vegas Casino site that features an official slots game that features many motifs from the series, alongside some lucrative progressive jackpots to keep things interesting.

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If the villains of Game of Thrones weren’t enough for you, then the record company bosses in Martin Scorsese’s Vinyl series should definitely provide more than enough drama. This acclaimed series focuses on the vibrant 1970s music scene in New York, and has earned impressive reviews thanks to the way in which it reveals the often-insalubrious mechanisms behind the music hit-making machine.

And with even the X-Files making its long overdue return, it shows that, just like traditional games of poker can be updated via online casino sites, sometimes an old TV favorite can make a successful return in 2016.

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