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When Adulting is Just Too Much


When we were younger, we wanted to be older.  Now that we’re older, we want to be younger, or at least still in college because that was a collection of years that will not count when we reach the pearly whites.  But let’s face it, we have to adult, even when it feels like it just too much.  Here’s a little guide to help you through the hard parts or the times that you just can’t…


Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Take in this moment for what it is and realize that this is all that you have right now.  You made it this far in life so why not get to the point that you can talk about this very moment.  That means you have to push through whatever it is that’s causing you to lose your breath, in a not very cool, “I feel accomplished way.”  Just a, “I’m losing it and could potentially be hyperventilating because I just can’t.”  Breathe in and breathe out.  

Call Your Friends

What are friends for if you can’t call them when you don’t want to adult?  They’re there for more than that, but a major requirement in the friendship agreement is to answer the phone when you just need to vent.  They can help you remember the times you forgot.  Your friends walked into that new phase of life with you so they can help commiserate and then bring you back to reality.

Call Your Parents

Parents are your friends now.  Or at least I like to think so.  They raised you to be the best human you can be.  It’s very possible there were several mishaps along the way, but nonetheless, they will always be your parents.  Let them play that role.  

Go Out with Your Friends

If you’re adulting in a responsible way, then you definitely deserve to go out with your friends on the weekend.  Relieve your stresses in whatever you feel appropriate.  Go to a new spot, meet new people, spend the money you’ve earned from being an adult.  It’s true what they say, the youth is wasted on the young.

And on Sunday, Adult

Just deal with it.  You’re an adult.  And you have to adult.  But sometimes you just can’t, until you recognize that you absolutely can.  

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