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What’s Next?: Kung Fury Hacks Us Back to the ’80s


Hold all the sequels, reboots and feature length pornos, there’s only one reason to get excited about going to the movies this year.  And that reason still has a long way to go before it roundhouse kicks its way onto the silver screen.

Last month, the internet got a taste of what may be the greatest ’80s cop movie of all time.  Fans of kung fu action, dinosaurs, machinegun toting Vikings, time travel, explosions, arcade robots, Nazi butt-kicking, and gravelly cop voices drooled over the trailer for “Kung Fury,” director David Sandberg’s homage to the loose cannon, synth-scored era of Tango & Cash.  To call it the most gloriously excessive B-movie ever crafted would be both an understatement and a wondrous compliment.  Watch the trailer below, and prepare to have your face melted.

Using just $5000 of his own money, Sandberg shot enough green screen footage to put together a 30 minute movie.  He then took to Kickstarter with the goal of raising $200,000 to hire a VFX team, and the response was overwhelming.  Since its launch only three weeks ago, “Kung Fury” has raised more than $500,000.  Sandberg now promises to release the 30-minute short online for free and start work on a feature length version of the film should the campaign reach $1 million.


Did I mention lots of green screen?

Did I mention lots of green screen?

Interest has slowed a bit recently – as is common with most Internet phenomena – so to recapture public attention, Sandberg and his company Laser Unicorns plan to tour the film to two cities around the world if the Kickstarter earn $750,000.  Fans can vote for their city at and look forward to a meet-and-greet with the cast and crew along with this once-in-a-lifetime viewing experience.

Whether or not this bid pays off, we’re due for some version of “Kung Fury” in the near future.  Thanks to this kung fu renegade cop the 80s are back, and boy have we missed them.



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