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Why You Need to See Jurassic World ASAP


There is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t have already seen Jurassic World. It’s the only movie (besides Inside Out) that’s taking over the box office, much like the original movies took over the box office when Jurassic Park first came out. And there is honestly no other movie that deserves it quite like this one.

Chris Pratt. Oh my god. Those two words alone should be enough to get everyone on their way to the theater already. Chris Pratt is the male lead, and he spends half of his time in rolled up button ups that perfectly showcase the muscles he gained in between Parks and Rec and Guardians of the Galaxy. He’s the only muscled white guy to show any sense in this movie at all, because every other one in it makes stupid ass decisions and ends up dying. He even passes the animal test, the one that says if your dog doesn’t like your friend, you need to dump that friend ASAP– and what are velociraptors if not really big dogs that love Chris Pratt?

Chris Pratt’s character Owen is a witty and incredibly tough quick thinker with killer moves that save his life more than a handful of times. And even when Owen has to help Claire, the park manager, get her nephews out of there safely, he manages their continued survival as well as his own. He douses himself in fluid to mask his scent when the dinosaur is trying to find him. He utilizes the trust built between him and the raptors in order to save the person who fell into their cage, Indiana Jones-ing his way to the other side. When Claire’s emotions take over while they try to find her nephews, Owen is the one who tells her that no, they’re not dead, they’ve just jumped into the water and made their way from there. And to answer Claire’s not-question that he can track their footsteps and pick up their scent, he retorts, “I was in the Navy, not the Navajo.” This pretty much means that Owen is the dream for everyone around you in the theater, never mind yourself.

But it doesn’t end there. Claire is as tough as Owen in her own right, choosing to tie her pristine white shirt and not give a damn if it gets dirty when he claims she’s going to get them killed, and she uses her own smarts to outwit the Indominus Rex– using the flare to lure the T-Rex, the move that literally saves everyone’s asses. She’s also a damn good defensive driver, and is completely unafraid to get behind the wheel of bigger cars and vans. Not only that, but even when her emotions do get the best of her when she and Owen hide from the dinosaurs, she doesn’t make a sound– the tears stream, but her voice is silent.
Together, these two make for one completely kickass movie. There’s no end to the amount of times you can watch it, and because it’s so good, no one will even question it. Go watch it!

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