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I Imagined the Perfect Weekend


In one of my classes yesterday, we were discussing a point in time where we felt infinite or a time when everything just felt right. I raised my hand and spoke. Over Labor Day weekend, I went to Imagine Music Festival in downtown Atlanta. I live in Atlanta, and this was my first music festival, so I didn’t quite know what to expect but I was so excited. Well that didn’t matter, because it was everything I imagined and more. The positive vibes, the beautiful people, the moving music, and the exciting environment were the things that really characterized the EDM (electronic dance music) festival. It’s like I was in my own utopia—I couldn’t believe that this kind of environment actually existed. I was definitely “not in Kansas anymore”, and I didn’t mind it. That weekend was enlightening for me, like I needed to appreciate everything I had in my life more and to understand that moments like these do not last forever. I did exactly that. I just took the festival as it was and enjoyed every second of it, taking in as much of the energy as I could. After the festival ended (it was a two-day event), I expected to feel melancholy, but I felt the opposite. Because I understood on a deeper level why we need things like these in life, I left the festival feeling euphoric. Not a temporary, drug-induced sense of euphoria, but a real euphoria that does not seem to fade or “come down”. I felt it burning throughout my body and soul. I knew at that moment, that my life had changed and would never be the same. I still think about the festival every single day and replay parts of it in my head. Since I’ve been back at college, I’m noticing that I look at the world a little differently. I look for the good in people instead of noticing the bad. I’m learning to possess less, and appreciate more.

I encourage anyone who reads this, whether you’ve been to a music festival or not, to GO. I don’t care what genre, although they are typically indie, EDM, or alternative. JUST. GO. I promise you that if not your whole life, part of your life will change, and it will be changed forever. Just let yourself be open to this experience that is like no other.

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Taylor is a twenty-something college student studying psychology and art. She loves sunflowers, electronic dance music, coffee, being a goofball, and attending concerts. She will also probably remind you of Ellen Page and get excited over the little things.