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Act Like an Adult


So I’m going to assume most people reading this are over the age of 18. Therefore, you are an adult. Act like one. Here are seven situations in which I see people continuously act like lazy children and I CAN’T DEAL WITH IT ANYMORE.


1. Pick up after the messes you make.

-We’ve all been there. You’re in a rush at the grocery store trying to make it home in time for the Bachelor. There’s that last item you need to grab so you run down the aisle with your cart, cut the corner a little too short, and knock over a display of Cheez-its. You watch them fall. 6 boxes land on the ground. And what do you do? You instantly look around and make sure no one saw. You stare at the boxes hoping they will go back on the shelf by themselves. Nope. You look around one more time and then continue on your way. NO. PICK IT UP. Someone had to carefully put together that display and you just messed it up. BE AN ADULT AND FIX IT. Sure it might be embarrassing, but get over it, we all do it.


Clean up after yourself. It ain't hard.

Clean up after yourself. It ain’t hard.

2. Be a clean buffet eater.

-Now this one I see all-too-often in my job. A catering company takes the effort to make sure every croissant is stacked perfectly to make a pyramid. The fixings for a taco bar are neatly in their designated bowls. And still, after the first round of people go through a buffet, I swear it’s always as if a tornado just hit. Food is on the ground. Croissants are in the bowl of syrup. Silverware is EVERYWHERE. I once found a spoon in the flower display. Half-eaten cookies are laying everywhere. All of those previously mentioned taco fixings are now spilling into one another, and I think someone tried to recreate the Mona Lisa on the countertop. OH MY GOD PEOPLE. Is it really that hard to eat neatly??

It’s only okay to play with your food at this age.

It’s only okay to play with your food at this age.


3. Refold clothing you unfolded.

-I guess some people will disagree with me on this one. “It’s a store clerk’s job to fold clothes.” Okay, yes, but that’s not an excuse for you to make extra work for strangers. Back in my younger years, I worked a retail job. We had a jean wall. I can’t tell you how many hours it took to make the jean wall look perfect. And you lovely people of the world would come in and mess it up in 10 minutes. It’s definitely not uncommon to find tables of clothing all mushed together like a teenagers dirty clothes pile. Stop it, okay?




I know the size you need is in the middle of the stack. But it’s not hard to pick up the first half and grab what you need. There’s no need to try and do the magic table cloth trick. Leave that shit to David Copperfield, it doesn’t work.





4. Cover your mouth when coughing/sneezing

-This one  explains itself. All of you are gross. I don’t want to breathe in your germs. I’m pretty sure at the age of 3 we all learned to cover our mouths when sneezing and coughing. I guess most of the world decided that wasn’t an important rule. Well guess what, IT IS.

Gross gross GROSS.

Gross gross GROSS.


5. Put your grocery cart back in the corral.

-Ohhhhh-KAY. This one is probably my biggest pet-peeve. Those of you that currently have a bum foot, are in a wheelchair, or for some reason can’t walk, please skip this point. As for the rest of you with TWO PERFECTLY WORKING LEGS: Once you are done loading your items into your car, walk 10 feet and put your cart back into the corral! I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen people just put the cart on the curb when they are literally less than 5 feet away. When you don’t put your cart back you make the parking lot a mess by creating less space for me to park and creating the potential for your empty cart to roll into my parked car. Also, those poor workers who have to go on a journey to gather your carts. Stop making their lives more difficult.


I hate you.

I hate you.


6. Stop cutting in line.

-I recently went to Disneyland and there were multiple times I was cut in line all with the same “clever” move. Here’s how it works: A random stranger casually strolls into your line, slithering in front you. If you’re shy, you just let them do it and sit there seething with anger. Meanwhile, the offender is quietly celebrating another successful cut. However, if you’re bold enough, you say, “excuse me, I’m in line.” The person turns around with a look of complete shock and naivety and responds, “Oh? There’s a line? I didn’t even see it, I’m sorry.” YES YOU DID.


Then they give you this smile that basically says, “My bad, but I’m going to stay here.”

The person continues to talk to you, usually using a compliment of some sort or asking about you to try and distract from the fact that they are STILL IN FRONT OF YOU. If you can successfully avoid this, they will let you go in front of them. However, they still succeeded in cutting everyone else behind you. STOP CUTTING. THIS ISN’T 2ND GRADE.




7. Don’t lose your temper in public.

– Alright everyone. Public temper tantrums are only okay for children under the age of 10. Maybe. So the next time your flight is delayed or cancelled, please don’t scream at the flight attendant. First off, it’s not his/her fault. Second, he/she can’t do anything about it. Third, you look like a child when you stamp your feet and yell. Or let’s say you miss your train/bus or turns out the store you wanted to go to is closed. You throw your hands in the air, shout “Oh COME ON,” say a few curse words, and continue to look like a child.




You again.

You again.

Also, as a slight tangent, just stop yelling at people in general. Whether you’re in a store, on the phone, etc…yelling never gets you anywhere, didn’t you know that? The electric company charged you twice? Okay, nicely explain the situation, I’m sure they can fix the mistake for you. The telemarketer keeps calling you? Calmly ask them to remove you from the list. When you yell at people you only make them feel sad and make yourself look like jerk. Just don’t.


This is how people feel when you yell at them.


Take note and correct these behaviors, ok? Thanks.

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