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Laura Fernanda Orduno-Reza is Miss February!


Laura Fernanda Orduno Reza is our CoverGirl for February 2014. This brunette beauty from Colorado will make your winter just a little bit hotter this month, guaranteed. Find out more about Laura and check out our HQ photos below. Then, make sure you do yourself a favor and follow her on Instagram here.


Now, for a little more about Laura…



I’m 5’2 But love to rock heels that make me 5’6.



 105 lbs.


Natural hair color?:

Chocolate Brown




How would you pick yourself up at a bar?:

I would walk over with a smile, and offer to buy me and my friend a drink….I never go to bars alone, so always remember to be nice to my friends!

Ideal first date?:  

Everyone is usually a little nervous, so be active! First dates should be fun! I want to go to an old-school video arcade and play skee ball and Pacman…but don’t forget to feed me, even if it’s just ice cream.

Worst pick up line you’ve ever had used on you?:

“Wow You look just like my wife…I better buy you a Tequila spritzer.”

What is the best dish you can legitimately cook from scratch?:

 I have a huge sweet tooth and I love to bake. I have recently mastered ChocoFlan. It’s a double-layered chocolate cake with a carmel flan topping!

In 10 years what do you want to be doing?:

In 10 years I want to own a house in Vail, Colorado and still be rocking bikinis 🙂

What is one thing other girls do that pisses you off?:

I can’t stand girls who constantly complain about their body but don’t do anything about it.  We all have things we don’t like but nothing will change without some work and effort.

Nothing is sexier than a man that _________ (fill in the blank):

Can make me smile and will smile with me 🙂 I have a weakness for big smiles!

What is your biggest vice/guilty pleasure?:

I love Olive Garden. I love the salad & dressing, I love the lasagna frita, and I love the pasta. I usually get a bottle of Primo Armor Moscato and a strawberry dulchine for dessert.

What is the most important quality in a man?:

I think the most important quality in a man is a strong heart. Having something that you believe in and  will stand up for is important.

Oh yeah. We have some photos of Laura too! Enjoy:

laura_full1   laura_full2     laura_full3     laura_orduno4   laura_full5     laura_full6

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