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I discovered PWR BTTM only a month ago, and they probably wouldn’t have crossed my radar without a little stoking from Apple Music. One Friday in early May, a raw punk thrasher called “Big Beautiful Day” from their new release “Pageant” found its way onto my New Music playlist. I was immediately enamored. As I began to read about their image of queer advocacy, the hook sunk deeper. Here were a pair of gender non-conforming musicians rocking drag, while howling out songs about bodily autonomy. I dug it in aRead More
So, the New England Patriots Twitter account caused a lot of drama tonight. The Patriots (@Patriots) became the first NFL team with one million Twitter followers this evening, and decided to celebrate this achievement by mentioning everyone who retweeted the below status with their own “custom Patriots jersey.”   We’re saying thanks to @patriots‘ 1million followers w/ custom digital Pats jerseys – RT for yours! #1MillionPatriots — New England Patriots (@Patriots) November 13, 2014   Unfortunately, the Patriots social media people didn’t anticipate that some Twitter users have some…questionable…Twitter handles.Read More

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#WCW: Cindy Prado

– Cindy Prado – Twitter: @MissCindyPrado Instagram: cindyprado Known for: Home Town Hottie winner, MAXIM shoots and consistently being named in top “Follow These Hot Instagram Chicks” lists. – Cindy is a girl next door in the sense that she isn’t so famous that you look at the photos and think “if only..”, deep down, theres a 1 and a million chance you and her could end up. But it still won’t happen because she is only going up into celebrity status. She is a total fox, and she deserves someone better looking thanRead More
Yesterday, I Skyped a girl I have never met, yet a girl I have been speaking to every day for four years. She lives in England and is starting her first year of university this month. She occasionally sends me sparkly stickers and British jewelry, and I whimsically mail over cards covered in amateur doodles of cartoon animals. I watched as she picked out a prom dress, I listened to her rants about her qualms and insecurities, I told her dumb jokes to alleviate the stress of exam season. SheRead More

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#WCW: Kate Beckinsale

– Kate Beckinsale – Twitter: @RealKBeckinsale (hasn’t been used in years) Instagram: katebeckinsale (not her personal account) Known for: That super hot mom in the saddest Adam Sandler movie ever made, Click.    – If you didn’t already notice, this lady does a good job staying clear of social media, thus meaning ZERO leaked nudes 🙁 sad face for the world, but truthfully, good for her. Her ability to stay out of the Instagram and Twitter universe leaves her being more of a mystical creature of sorts, and it’s a fair comparison seeing as she isRead More

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#WCW: Jessica Biel

– Jessica Biel – Twitter: @JessicaBiel Instagram: jessicabiel Known for: Actress, total sex pistol, and wife of the amazing JT, whom straight men would still marry.  – This isn’t going to be an out of left field choice that’ll increase her fame or following, but it is one well-worthy choice. You won’t be blown away by her Instagram posts, as they are mainly of her dog, other animals, food, or what she seems to be listening to at the moment, but this doesn’t take away from her insane beauty. She’s got a smokin’ body,Read More

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#WCW: Sahara Ray

– Sahara Ray – Twitter: @sahara_ray Instagram: sahara_ray Known for: Starting and more importantly being a total babe on Instagram. – First off, let me state that I am usually not into the tatted, cigarette smoking, bad girl style. But, when I randomly stumbled upon this beauty on Instagram, she reminded me of an older and naughtier looking Alexis Ren, whom I had previously done a #WCW article on. So the initial interest was there, and after giving her a few more looks, I was even more intrigued. She also seems to have a touchRead More

Posted On August 11, 2014By Jason JordanIn Internet, The Scene

Internet, Have You No Decency?

I’m not sure why people think it’s appropriate to post graphic material on social media. It’s one of the questions that perplex mankind; akin to “What’s the meaning of life?” or “What’s on the other side of a black hole?” or “If you’re so fancy, and I already know, then why do you feel the need to sing me a song about it?” Seemingly every day my Facebook feed blows up with memes about battered women and children, or a blog article about how a woman was brutally raped, orRead More

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#WCW: Kendall Jenner

– Kendall Jenner – Twitter: @KendallJenner Instagram: kendalljenner Known for: Runway and Fashion Model, also a part of the Kardashian Klan. – Sexy comes in more than one package. You don’t always need big breasts to be a sex symbol. Long and thin with a stunning face; that is what defines the stereotypical runway model. Look no further than Kendall Jenner for those attributes, with a face too perfect for plastic surgeons and the most amazing legs since Daddy-Longlegs were first discovered. This young woman has been killin’ it, with 8.4 million Twitter followers andRead More

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#WCW: Gabriella Lenzi

– Gabriella Lenzi – Twitter: @GabriellaLenzi Instagram: gabriellalenzi Known for: Brazilian model, and Neymar‘s ex (or current girlfriend)? Who cares, she’s a total babe. -Gabriella Lenzi is unreal. Some news reports link her to Brazilian soccer stud Neymar while others say they are nothing more than an old fling. 7-1 odds (don’t worry this isn’t Pornhub) are she’s recently hooking up with Mario Gotze on the German national team after they one upped Neymar, breaking his back by breaking the back of Brazil, but that too could just be a rumor exclusively heard here. This is allRead More

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#WCW: Alexis Ren

– Alexis Ren –  Twitter: @AlexisRenG Instagram: alexisreneg Known for: Making Nous models relevant to my life. Dare I say #instafamous?  -Alexis Ren could possibly use a few more months before being posted on here, but being just under 18 doesn’t make it illegal to admire beauty.. right? This was the girl from your high school who was already being scouted out by college guys during her sophomore year. Beautiful face, stunning body, and she’s extremely talented at wearing bikinis and putting her arms up/hands in her hair. Check her out.          Read More
Today is perhaps the greatest era of social commentary, even more so than just yesterday. We live in a world where everyone is a publisher and one-to-many-communication is the easiest it has ever been. Of course I am talking about social media. Any single person has the opportunity to express, document, and publish their view on anything – this restaurant, that movie, what your girlfriend did, how pretty your dog is. Lighthearted, flippant posting is great social fun, but challenging hard issue on social media brings a new level of responsibility to theRead More
Sitting still for an entire hour—it sounds easy enough. It’s simple to turn off your phone, power down the computer, find a quiet space, and sit. You don’t even do anything—the requirement is to literally do nothing! Almost seems like cheating, right? Right? Recently, I had the opportunity to see for myself just how “easy” it would be. One World Still  is an organization with a simple objective: meditate for an hour once a month. No dues or fees are necessary to be part of this event, and no registration isRead More
I’m pretty lucky when it comes to dealing with anxiety, because anxiety and I have a fairly straightforward relationship. Whenever I think I’m doing marginally okay, or feeling particularly productive, anxiety pops into my brain and quickly takes the wheel. It doesn’t matter how much I have achieved in my short 24 years of existence, anxiety has this trick that makes those achievements seem insignificant—it likes to remind me that I’m only one of approximately 6 billion humans on a planet floating in a vacuum of infinite space as weRead More

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Seven Selfies that Need to Stop

Don’t get me wrong; I’m a supporter of the modern day selfie. In fact, I’m a founding member of the selfie sisterhood, dating all the way back to disposable cameras and MySpace mirror shots. See: Mom and me, age 13. Dog and me, age 16. Whatever I’m wearing and me, age 17. I’m all for the self-love and self-empowerment that comes with sharing one’s face (hair, makeup and shoe choice) on social media. Seriously. Let your multi-colored hair down and (for those out of high school) show off that Atlantic City dress youRead More