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WTF News: Amish Drag, Teenage Terrorist Jokes, and More!


Utah Family Shows Up Cher from Clueless

Okay so this story is mostly depressing, but after reading into the facts more I’m thinking there’s something very strange going on here. A woman in Utah has been accused of killing six of her own babies and storing the bodies in boxes in her garage.

picture of Huntsman's garage

That garage is plenty creepy without the dead babies.

Megan Huntsman admitted to strangling and suffocating the children immediately after their births. So all of that is completely disgusting and wrong but here’s the really weird WTF part that got me. Huntsman’s husband had no idea she had given birth to six children throughout the years of 1996-2006. Even better, Ms. Huntsman has three daughters, a teenager and two adult children living at the home with her and they were absolutely clueless about her pregnancies. They never noticed anything suspicious. HOW DO YOU NOT NOTICE A WOMAN GETTING PREGNANT SIX TIMES!??

wtf meme

There is definitely something going on here. Hopefully more news will be released…

picture of huntsman

Does SHE even know she was pregnant 6 times?!

meme from clueless

Dozens of Teenagers Prove They’re Idiots

We all know teenagers do some pretty dumb shit. But this just tops everything. Dozens of teenagers have been tweeting bomb threats to American Airlines. Why? Because in their twisted minds it’s hilarious. It started with one teenager, “Sarah” who tweeted a threat to the airlines and later claimed it was all a joke. However, she was reported, tracked via her IP address, and arrested. You’d think this would deter kids from future bomb threats. Nope. Over a dozen teenagers thought this was quite funny and tweeted similar threats shortly after.

@AmericanAir the bomb goes of in 3 hours

— Alden Fernandez ♥ (@AldoFernz) April 14, 2014

@AmericanAir I have a bomb under the next plane to take off

— Army Jacket . (@ShyyLicious) April 14, 2014

@AmericanAir I’m gonna bomb your 737 jet

— ▲ demi ▼ (@ddlovatosteddy) April 14, 2014

@AmericanAir You really seem to not care that i’m about to bomb your plane that’s headed to Paris. Btw, my name is Ahmed.

— Allie (@ComedyBatman) April 14, 2014

@SouthwestAir @WesleyWalrus is gonna bomb your next few flights

— donnie cyrus. (@MileyFawLife) April 14, 2014

@Politie_Rdam @YourAnonCentral @AmericanAir release her or I’ll bomb your HQ. you gonna arrest me now?

— admrl. anonymous (@nonfreak) April 14, 2014

@AmericanAir Hello Am From Iraq i Want 1Million Or I Will Plan A Bomb To Your Next Flight To Paris !! Bye Bye America ”

— The Real Slim Shady (@WaleedMeshari) April 14, 2014

@AmericanAir Hello, I’m eduardo. ago a couple of weeks were warned, i´m ignored. you will pay the consequences. Bomb! HAHAHAHA

— eduardo (@eduardo37276391) April 14, 2014

@AmericanAir hello my name is Ibrahim I think you guys are the BOMB!!!!!!

— zahra (@versaceftziam) April 14, 2014

.@SouthwestAir I bake really good pies and my friends call me ″the bomb” am I still allowed to fly?

— Kale (@KalenRiley10) April 14, 2014

So you get the point. These kids are idiots. WTF is wrong with you and where are your parents, children? This just makes me terrified for the future. The media is calling these teens anywhere from trolling psychopaths to sadists to social media attention-whores. Come on world, I know you’re better than this.

stupid meme

100% positive it’s the latter.

Amish Drag Nabs Flasher

^Those are probably the best four words I’ve seen in a sentence lately. There are so many great details to this story I almost can’t handle it.

I’m so FREAKING in love with this news!

In Pennsylvania, a male police officer has been dressing as an Amish woman with hopes to catch a man supposedly flashing his manly parts to Amish children. The Amish community did not want their children testifying in court so they lent bonnets, aprons, and dresses to the police man.

picture of officer

So lots of questions already. One, what was it like when the officer’s boss assigned him this job?  Two, or did the officer offer to take this case? Three, does he dress in drag on the reg? Four, will his fellow police officers ever let him forget this event?

The officer released a statement, “Sometimes being a police officer means going undercover and doing what you have to do to catch the bad guy.” There is a suspect in custody but currently no evidence to connect him with these crimes. Guess the officer will just have to continue living in a Amish paradise.

weird al yankovich

Fish Eats Dildo

Yeah there’s not really much explaining to do here. Bjorn Frilund of Norway was out fishing when he caught a cod. Not very exciting…until he took his knife to clean and gut the fish and found a pink dildo inside. He believes the fish must have thought it was an octopus and swallowed it. Hopefully it wasn’t on…too much? I really enjoy the fact that it’s pointed out the fish was grilled and given away while the sex toy still remains in Frilund’s house. Hmmm.

picture of fish

So many germs.

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