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Knowing that I would be undergoing rotator cuff surgery was frightening enough, but having to worry about what to do during my time off was a stress I did not expect. I was a little nervous and apprehensive, thinking of friends and colleagues of mine who complained of post-surgical blues when they had to take their own medical leave. This is in part due to normalizing a life of going at 100 mph (including holding a full-time job, attending to a family, countless other activities and obligations), and then abruptly slowing downRead More
Katie Adler Miss August
Okay, so we had a lull in the action and haven’t had a Girl of the Month in awhile…that’s our bad. BUT we trust that we’ll more than make up for it by presenting to you our new Miss August, Katie Adler, who is as hot as the August weather. We found this Canadian hottie on Instagram, which some 19,000 people have already done. If you’re not one of them, you should change that, because Katie’s Instagram is definitely something you don’t want to miss. We’ll get to prove thatRead More

Posted On July 15, 2015By Erika SternIn Internet, The Scene

Top Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Being the social media guru that I am, I like exploring and discovering new accounts on Instagram. I look for inspiration, funny, motivation, and adventure-seeking. Many people I know also look for fashion and beauty fixes. Instagram is filled with so many things to spice up your feed, here’s some top accounts you should be following… If you’re into sports… Serena Williams- @serenawilliams Besides being athletic, she also has a silly side. Her IG features fun Dubsmashes, outfit pics and action shots.   If you’re into fitness… Kaisa and Jennifer-Read More

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Stop These Famous Fools

  Stop These Famous Fools It’s been awhile since my hands graced the computer keyboard so I can bless the masses with something interesting to read. Reasons for my absence isn’t anyone’s business of course but let’s just say; things got a little weird. Anyway, I’m writing again and as usual I want to talk about something that has been in my gut for a while. I’m one of those people who can’t speak on anything until I get to the point where I’m dreaming about it and realizing thatRead More

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Emotional Nails on a Chalkboard

I’ve had three Bloody Mary’s and seventeen olives and I’m in that crater of a conversation that revolves around significant others and their brunch orders. I wish I cared what your boring boyfriend chose to eat for breakfast to accommodate his Paleo diet and stomach sensitivity to dairy, but I don’t. I would rather gag myself with the bright green straw in charge of my Bloody Mary consumption and re-eat the marbled pieces of olive after I’ve thrown them up than continue the conversation.  After this instance I realized thatRead More
I remember standing on the ledge of the terrace to this very old monastery that had literally been carved out of the mountain the town was built upon and looking over to see the most beautiful Italian landscape I had ever seen (because I had never seen any up until this point) and I thought, “…wow.” And then all of a sudden, like a 21-gun salute, everyone immediately whipped out their cameras in an attempt to capture that “wow” feeling. And I get it. I would be lying if IRead More

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#WCW: Kate Beckinsale

– Kate Beckinsale – Twitter: @RealKBeckinsale (hasn’t been used in years) Instagram: katebeckinsale (not her personal account) Known for: That super hot mom in the saddest Adam Sandler movie ever made, Click.    – If you didn’t already notice, this lady does a good job staying clear of social media, thus meaning ZERO leaked nudes 🙁 sad face for the world, but truthfully, good for her. Her ability to stay out of the Instagram and Twitter universe leaves her being more of a mystical creature of sorts, and it’s a fair comparison seeing as she isRead More

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#WCW: Jessica Biel

– Jessica Biel – Twitter: @JessicaBiel Instagram: jessicabiel Known for: Actress, total sex pistol, and wife of the amazing JT, whom straight men would still marry.  – This isn’t going to be an out of left field choice that’ll increase her fame or following, but it is one well-worthy choice. You won’t be blown away by her Instagram posts, as they are mainly of her dog, other animals, food, or what she seems to be listening to at the moment, but this doesn’t take away from her insane beauty. She’s got a smokin’ body,Read More

Posted On August 20, 2014By Kristine NavasIn Internet, The Scene

Social Media Life vs. Real Life

In this new age of technology and social sharing, millennials have seemed to have found a new fine line between reality and what we want our reality to be. Truthfully speaking, if you’re really getting drunk how is it possible for you post a red-eyed picture with perfect hastags? We all know that reality TV isn’t real (Insert shocking gasp.) Wait, you didn’t know that Brody and LC didn’t really date on The Hills? Or that Kim K…well nothing she does is real. It’s not really a surprise that society’sRead More

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#WCW: Sahara Ray

– Sahara Ray – Twitter: @sahara_ray Instagram: sahara_ray Known for: Starting and more importantly being a total babe on Instagram. – First off, let me state that I am usually not into the tatted, cigarette smoking, bad girl style. But, when I randomly stumbled upon this beauty on Instagram, she reminded me of an older and naughtier looking Alexis Ren, whom I had previously done a #WCW article on. So the initial interest was there, and after giving her a few more looks, I was even more intrigued. She also seems to have a touchRead More

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#WCW: Kendall Jenner

– Kendall Jenner – Twitter: @KendallJenner Instagram: kendalljenner Known for: Runway and Fashion Model, also a part of the Kardashian Klan. – Sexy comes in more than one package. You don’t always need big breasts to be a sex symbol. Long and thin with a stunning face; that is what defines the stereotypical runway model. Look no further than Kendall Jenner for those attributes, with a face too perfect for plastic surgeons and the most amazing legs since Daddy-Longlegs were first discovered. This young woman has been killin’ it, with 8.4 million Twitter followers andRead More

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#WCW: Gabriella Lenzi

– Gabriella Lenzi – Twitter: @GabriellaLenzi Instagram: gabriellalenzi Known for: Brazilian model, and Neymar‘s ex (or current girlfriend)? Who cares, she’s a total babe. -Gabriella Lenzi is unreal. Some news reports link her to Brazilian soccer stud Neymar while others say they are nothing more than an old fling. 7-1 odds (don’t worry this isn’t Pornhub) are she’s recently hooking up with Mario Gotze on the German national team after they one upped Neymar, breaking his back by breaking the back of Brazil, but that too could just be a rumor exclusively heard here. This is allRead More

Posted On July 16, 2014By Matthew RobertsIn Girls, Manzone

#WCW: Alexis Ren

– Alexis Ren –  Twitter: @AlexisRenG Instagram: alexisreneg Known for: Making Nous models relevant to my life. Dare I say #instafamous?  -Alexis Ren could possibly use a few more months before being posted on here, but being just under 18 doesn’t make it illegal to admire beauty.. right? This was the girl from your high school who was already being scouted out by college guys during her sophomore year. Beautiful face, stunning body, and she’s extremely talented at wearing bikinis and putting her arms up/hands in her hair. Check her out.          Read More
I’ve always been the person who thinks that if pictures of your drinks for the night, memorable club snaps, and smoking photos make you happy, go ahead and post them. But I’m not a smoker or a drinker, or even a promiscuous model, so when I was messaged this weekend to take down my picture from Instagram, I was extremely confused. My picture was of a messenger bag. With the HypoPARA Association logo on it. The HypoPARA Assoc. is an association that holds annual conferences and distributes countless amounts ofRead More
It’s 2014 and everyone is trying to win the Internet.  Or perhaps more accurately, the Instagram.  We all know why Beyoncé has 12 million screaming followers, but why does that 18-year-old nobody have 25k followers while your fan-base is dropping by the day?  Well, there are two reasons.  1) That 18-year-old is hot and has established a brand in the fashion industry.  2) You’re probably doing something wrong. Due to the undiagnosed depression I suffered after finding out my so-called “friend” unfollowed me (stay away from Statigram), I now take this social medium a little too seriously.Read More