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21st Century Girl Woes


It’s hard out there for a chick. It’s never been a cakewalk for us females and despite girl power being at an all time high, the 21st century has introduced a slew of new problems.  We are now faced with difficulties such as…

8 – Attempting to do some DIY seen on Pinterest and ending up with a mason jar full of glitter, a terrible burn from a hot glue gun, and the worst tangle in the history of hair. Pinterest is the birthplace of disappointment, frustration, and injury.

7 – Resenting the return of the crop top. If you’re very quiet, you can hear the Equinox-going, green juice swigging, Coachella-attending Fashion Blogger that brought crop tops back manically laughing somewhere in the Hollywood Hills.

6 – Coping with the shame of all the secret twerking you do in your bedroom. It started out as a test. Just to try it to see if you could twerk. But now it’s out of hand. Turn down for what? Really, will someone please tell me?

5 – Wondering if you have a gluten allergy. The process of wondering if you have a gluten allergy goes as follows:

a. Reading somewhere about gluten allergies

b. Vaguely relating to a symptom

c. Checking WebMD

d. Diagnosing yourself with a rare genetic disorder via WebMD

e. Crying

f. Deciding to eat quinoa

g. Discovering quinoa is kind of gross

h. Whatever

i. Eating Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

4 – Anxiety from texting someone and knowing they read it and didn’t respond. First developed by the Antichrist, recent reports determine that “read receipts” are responsible for approximately eight nervous breakdowns per minute in the US alone.

3 – Debating whether or not to post a selfie. No one wants to be “that girl” but when you hold in your hands the power to post an extremely flattering picture of yourself sure to elicit some confidence-boosting praise via social media, how can you resist?

2 – Accidentally liking your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s Instagram photo. Despite knowing that the tiniest slip of a finger on a touch screen can result in disaster, it’s only natural to stalk. We’re only human.

1 – Stressing about if you’re being a good feminist. Is it bad feminism to hate Gwyneth Paltrow? Am I a good feminist if tell my boyfriend to pick up his socks? I follow Lena Dunham on twitter! I just want to be a good feminist!

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