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13 Hilarious Gifs that Literally Describe Our Lives


The internet is a wondrous place. You can literally find anything.

Life as a young person is different from the life of any one else and I think these gifs establish that pretty clearly.


1. When you have to wake up before 10 am.



2. When you go to Starbucks at 10pm and it’s closed.



3. When you buy a new outfit from H&M and wear it out for the first time.



4. Pretty much.



5. After a long and tiring of day of doing nothing…but watching Netflix.



6.  When you don’t text your mom back right away and she starts sending question marks.



7. When you have a presentation at 9 am.



8. When your friends are all talking after you’ve been home sick for two days. tumblr_lq1tjyb5GP1qimclt


9. When you grandparents call you saying they mailed you something special.



10. When your parents come home from work and you sprint to the kitchen table and pretend you’ve been studying for hours.



11. When you destroy an exam.



12. When you go out for dinner with your parents and they ask how you’ve been.tumblr_lypgfhxis91qfno3a


13. When you check your Instagram and you have 6 new followers.




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