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Top Instagram Accounts You Should Follow


Being the social media guru that I am, I like exploring and discovering new accounts on Instagram. I look for inspiration, funny, motivation, and adventure-seeking. Many people I know also look for fashion and beauty fixes. Instagram is filled with so many things to spice up your feed, here’s some top accounts you should be following…

If you’re into sports…

Serena Williams- @serenawilliams


Besides being athletic, she also has a silly side. Her IG features fun Dubsmashes, outfit pics and action shots.


If you’re into fitness…

Kaisa and Jennifer- @twobadbodies


Two girls that met on the University of Washington track team show their love for fitness as a duo. Instagram filled with meals, videos, and motivational quotes.

If you’re into mens fashion…

GQ- @gq


GQ is the top men’s fashion & style magazine in the US and UK. Their Instagram kills the game with the freshest outfits and season inspired looks for business or day-to-day wear.


If you’re into women’s fashion…

Julie Sarinana- @sincerelyjules


This laid-back yet chic blogger keeps her Instagram pics bright and fresh. Her styles are based in LA weather but she’s an avid traveler so her outfits have a good range.

If you’re into adventure…

Mike Escamilla- @mikeescamilla


A bmx dude who I think he acted a few times- but otherwise, he is an adventure-seeking risk taker who’s pics definitely show it. His vivid, colorful Instagram pics are mostly taken with a GoPro.

If you’re a girl who’s into nerds…



Candid pics of absolutely adorable/gorgeous guys of all sorts reading books on subways, trains, the beach etc. etc. DEFINITELY WORTH THE FOLLOW.

If you’re a guy who likes girls with tattoos…



Being a girl with a few tattoos herself, I love this Instagram. It features good looking girls with sick tattoos.

If you’re a sorority girl…



Fun, girly posts for even a non-sorority girl. I’d be lying if I say I didn’t relate to any of their posts!

If you’re a frat guy…



Your typical frat guy page. Includes beer, hot girls, and the American flag. ‘Merica.

If you’re into photography…

Murad Osmann- @muradosmann


This instagram doesn’t just feature landscapes and insane travel spots, Osmann photographs his lover in the dopest areas of our world. His edits and skills are more than exquisite and I am highly jealous of their lifestyle.

If you’re into food…and drinks

@foodintheair @drinksintheair


After being hacked, Food in the Air is back up and running. Quite possibly my favorite account on Instagram- users (and sometimes the accounts owners) hashtag their photos of “food in the air” in cool places to be featured on this account, and the same thing goes for the drinks.

If you’re into funny…

Shawn Kathleen- @passengershaming


An account created to capture crew and passengers from all over the world on planes, buses, trains etc. Barefeet, sleepers with drool and shirtless passengers are just some of the things you’ll find.

If you’re into quotes…



Their Instagram bio says it all “Spreading the good vibes worldwide since 2011”


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