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Go Naked on Your Next Vacation


This isn’t a sensual, romantic or happy post whatsoever. You probably opened it because it said “naked,” in the title, and that part I meant. Hey, it got you to open the article, didn’t it? Don’t worry, I included a picture of a half-naked girl, which has made your time thus far totally worth it.

See? Worth the price of admission.

See? Worth the price of admission.

Anyway, this is a rant – a rant about how awful it has become to travel with bags on an airline.

Recently, I flew to Santa Barbara. I had an awesome time. On the flight back, I chose to fly Frontier Airlines. Usually, Frontier does a good job. They are no Virgin Air, but the seats are comfortable, they have animals on their planes and the flight attendants are generally cute. At the check in, though, I found out Frontier has reduced themselves to common thievery when it comes to carry on baggage.

This is their policy:

If you book you through their website, you get to carry on for free.

If you book through a third party website – I booked through – your carryon better damn well be a treasure chest.

 If you book through a third party website, it is $20 to bring a carry on if you check in online and claim that carry on then.

If you book through a third party website, it is $50 to bring a carry on if you check in at the airline desk.

If you book through a third party website, choose to try and sneak past the gate agent with your carry on, and make it to the gate, it will cost you $100 to carry on.

Or, you can check your carry on with the desk agents for $25 and then deal with the circus that is the baggage claim carousel.


The policy is nonsensical. I have never liked that word, but it is the best descriptor here. I’m 23 years old and can recall the good ol’ days when you got to check your bag for free, carry on for free and enjoy your flight. Now, with Frontier at least, their hands find a way into your wallet at every turn.


It’s only a matter of time until they start charging for the clothes on your back, teeth in your mouth or humor in your head. God forbid, they should start charging for the pounds on your waist. You already leave the desk feeling violated and disrespected, soon enough you’ll have to leave the desk either broke or naked on your next vacation.


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