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Can’t Get No Satisfaction


I think we can all agree an important part of having a relationship with someone is intimacy. All relationships are different and every person is unique in what they like behind closed doors, or in public…whatever you are into, no judgment here.  Relationships require communication of course, but in the bedroom communication is just as important. Everyone has different needs, and I know as a girl (and probably for guys as well) it can be embarrassing to put your personal fantasies out there to your partner. But what we have to remember is that if you have a little freaky trick up your sleeve, I can bet you so does your significant other (or they will enjoy it).

The only way you will truly achieve full pleasure in your sex life is to help guide your partner to know what you like. Now I’m not saying to go and be a complete dick and tell your boyfriend or girlfriend “hey you suck in the sack,” because that would just be rude. If you want them to do something different simply suggest what new thing you’d like to try and go from there. The main thing I would say is to just know what YOU like, and don’t be ashamed to let your freak flag fly high. Everyone deserves some satisfaction.

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