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Love yourself, and Take a Picture


This is a poem I wrote about selfies:


Think twice

Smile nice

Or pay the price

Of your ugly selfie vice


We live in the ultimate culture of narcissism. Us twenty-somethings love ourselves more than any generation before. Ever since the first smartphone maker manufactured the first reversible camera, we’ve been obsessed with ourselves: seeking self-validated self-esteem gained from a self-taken picture of oneself has manifested in the onslaught of obnoxious selfies and selfie behavior.

Surely, you’ve seen it. The airport is one popular spot. Right in front of the gate you look over and see someone, their arm outstretched, making a face they would never make in any other photo.

Maybe it’s something about capturing your own smile, but the faces made in selfies mismatch any of your yearbook photos. Guaranteed you chuckle at this person before digging back into your Panda Express.

Low and behold, almost certainly, you board your flight and queue up some snapchat of your face, expressing your unenthused sentiment of planes, with the caption “long flight #firstworldproblems.” Hopefully you look around to make sure nobody is watching.

Upon landing, your volley is returned with more selfies from your selfless friends to ensure your selfie was well-received. The faces will be happy and captioned “have fun!!!!!” or sad faced and captioned “srsly.” You feel better about yourself. Now you are both narcissistic and hypocritical for laughing at the gate selfie taker.

Apart from snapchat, Instagram is another favorite. If you ever catch someone checking their “likes” on an instagram selfie go ahead and give them a hug – they just need some attention/affection.


Either way, the photos look ridiculous. The behavior is ridiculous. The narcissism is outstanding.

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