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It’s Time We Revisit Childhood Classroom Rules


Remember those rules we learned in grade school and if you chose to disobey you had to pull a card or go to detention or lose points/gold stars? That was a big deal at the time and engraved into our brains that I don’t think we could forget them even if we tried. But apparently, it’s come to my attention recently that everyone has grown up and forgotten these basic yet, SUPER IMPORTANT rules. So please let me refresh your childhood memories.

We need to bring these back.



1. Always wash your hands after going to the bathroom.

COME ON. This one is too easy! How can you forget this?? It’s hygiene 101! I remember having to sing the Happy Birthday song while washing my hands because that is the exact amount of time you’re supposed to wash your hands. My 2nd grade teacher insisted. But, to many times I notice women in public restrooms not washing their hands after exiting the bathroom stall. YOU ARE GROSS. Also, does anyone else find it sad we have to have big signs in bold stating all restaurant employees must wash their hands before returning to work? How do we not know this by age 4?

2. No cutting.

Alright this one I’m pretty sure I learned in kindergarten. You can’t cut! I don’t understand adults that still try this. You will get called out and not get away with it! There’s a reason for forming a line. It’s basic organization logistics. If you don’t like it, stop going to places where there will be lines.



3. Be on time.

There was no way to get away with this one in school. If you were late to class you definitely received detention or no recess or something equally horrible. Therefore, we were on time little kids. But somewhere during the process of growing up we forgot how important punctuality is. Today, I get so angry when someone is 15 minutes late to a meeting I’ve called. It’s not that hard! Especially when the meeting room is 10 feet from your desk. I see this happen over and over again in the corporate world. I seriously do not understand. Adults, stop this. Check your schedules and be on time. You’d be surprised how many other people are bothered by your lateness.

I hate this rabbit. You’re carrying a watch, HOW CAN YOU BE LATE.



4. Always say please and thank you.

Again, this one is a constant frustration for me in the workplace. If you need something from me just say please! Do not demand me to be your slave and prepare a brief for you in 30 seconds without saying please. I hate you for making me do this for you but when you say please, I hate you a little less. Thank you’s are just as important! If I ran across hot coals barefoot for you, you better say thank you. Same goes for you, you snotty high school kid selling me an ice cream from Rite Aid for $1.29. Do not sneer at me because you’re upset you’re working on a Saturday and I get to eat ice cream. Tell me thank you and wish me a good day you little shit. You’re getting paid to do that.



5. Use your inside voice.

This one is simple. If you’re inside a building, WHY ARE YOU YELLING. Whether you are on your cell phone or reprimanding someone who cut you or telling off a rude teenager who didn’t say thank you, there is no need to shout! It’s obnoxious and makes you look like a jerk.

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