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The 10 Best Tweets of 2013


What better way is there to recap a year than to revisit the tweets that mattered most? THERE ISN’T ONE. Without further ado, here are the 10 most noteworthy tweets of the past year…

#10 – Miley Montana

I don’t know how anyone finds this critter attractive anymore. I’ve seen more sexually appealing flounder. And even they have less terrifying eyebrows.  

#9 – Amanda Bynes


Hear that? It’s the sound of another former child star self-destructing.

#8 – Marcus Vick

For those of you unfamiliar Marcus Vick is Mike Vick’s little bro. And he makes his dogfighting brother look saintly. Yes, Marcus, you cannot mix money and stupidity. Your family should know this better than anyone.  

#7 – Justin Bieber

God, if only this was factual.


#6 – Darrelle Revis

Never let it be said that Darrelle Revis plays for the love of the game.  


#5 – Kanyeezus West

Awwwwhhh. There’s that humble Kanye we know and love.

#4 – This Guy

When you can’t think of a costume for Halloween, just pick the one that’s likely to offend the most people!  


#3 – Dylan Sprouse

My brother and I used to call the Disney Channel show Mr. Sprouse appeared on “Zack and Chode-y” as a joke. We never knew how accurate we would be…

#2 – Aaron Hernandez

By now, I think we all have some great jokes for you, Aaron. Hear the one about the football player in the prison showers?  


#1 – Amanda Bynes


I mean…there couldn’t have been any other choice, right?   Here’s to an equally twitastic 2014.

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