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5 YouTube Videos That Will Never Get Old


The internet is full of gems, both hidden and exposed. Thanks to YouTube we are constantly being exposed to all kinds of nonsense- I really, really love nonsense. Let’s countdown my favorite YouTube Videos of all time.

5. Zombie Kid Likes Turtles

Everyone knows zombie kid likes turtles. I love zombie kid, and I, too, love turtles.

4. Scarlet Takes a Tumble

Scarlet is totally working it- singing her heart out, showing off her rocking kicks, beaming over the fact that she managed to get onto the table in those wedges on her first try, and then… everything falls to shit. Hope your wounds and your pride have healed, Scarlet!

3. Closet Door Fail

Definitely the best thing that ever happened on The Channing Show. Please take note of her face as she comes out from under the closet- it appears that she is gasping for air.

2. Grape Lady Falls

Over-eager news reporter fails at stomping grapes and her voice box transforms into that of a sea lion.

1. King Curtis

I literally (and when I say literally, I mean it) know every single word, grunt, and repeat motion in this clip. If you are anyone of importance to me (or my sister), you have been forced to watch this video while I quote and act it out right beside you. Curtis likes bacon. Curtis spent “several hours at his grandmother’s house eating chicken nuggets.” Curtis gets me.

Nice doin’ business with you.

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