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Jeremiah Weed Whiskey T-Shirt Contest


Jeremiah Weed whiskey is a bourbon-based whiskey that is manufactured in Connecticut займы без отказа онлайн. They”re doing a T-Shirt design contest where they invited Writtalin”s Editor in Chief, Ascher, to participate, but due to his lack of creative prowess, I decided to take the reins.

After receiving the whiskey variants from Jeremiah Weed, the T-Shirt competition had officially begun. They sent me three variants including their Sarsparilla, casino online Spiced Whiskey, and Cinnamon. Of course in order to let loose the creative juices, drinking is required….

Responsibly? That”s debatable.

So as the drinking…err I mean designing casino online online casino started…the creativity just flowed and I have already submitted an idea to Jeremiah Weed. When I think Jeremiah Weed, based on their website alone..I think something different…something weird. But something extremely delicious.

Jeremiah Weed wasn”t always this cool, however, when doing research I noticed their older bottles looked particularly boring. I”m sensing a rebranding going on? Well whatever the case, Writtalin loves it.

So keep an eye out folks! One more post is coming before this competition concludes. Get ready friends.

Jeremiah Weed,

Real Strange, Real Good.

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