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The Making Of “His Name’s RG3”: How It Came About, And Why It Matters


Youtube is full of shameless self-promotion and senseless publicity for things nobody should care about.

Of the hundreds of thousands of videos posted every hour, most go unnoticed and warrant little reason to get noticed. This is why I got together with two good friends and tried to do something meaningful, especially given current events.


1 Year Ago

During a rehearsal for an open mic show, I stumbled upon a chord progression that I really liked. My mind immediately began racing to find lyrics. My bro Sean assisted, knowing that we were both huge fans of RG3. It was basic, mostly just whispering “RG3” a dozen times. But it was a spark that would soon ignite the fire.

November 2014

I was at a crossroads. Having just wrapped the latest season of the reality show I was working on, I was desiring to get back into music production. I knew I wanted to make a pop sounding song that was clearly over the top, and so it began.

At first I recorded the music, not knowing any info as to what the song was about or what it meant. It didn’t even have a title. It just needed to be big and ridiculous.

But after a couple of days, I started putting lyrics to the madness, and RG3 was born.

Making fun of the people who make fun of RG3

The music in the song remained big and ridiculous. There was plenty of heavy kick drumming and autotuning. But this was in the hopes of making fun of the mainstream, pop culture media than in turn makes fun of good people like RG3. You know, celebrities who are ‘boring’ because they have their heads screwed on straight.



Going back to the opening, there are so many pointless videos online. Why not make something of substance? From all accounts I’ve read (yes, I have performed research prior to making this project), RG3 is an outstanding, down to earth individual. In other words, the opposite of what we’ve seen this past season by a lot of the NFL’s players.

This song and video are not ridiculous marketing ploys to go viral or become famous by any means. It is because Sean and I genuinely respect what Robert Griffin III and his family represent and how they are living positive and faith driven lives. And through our crazy antics in this video, we’d like to share the love.

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