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Blurred Lines of Spring/Summer 2015 Haute Couture Week: Atelier Versace vs. Stéphane Rolland


Atelier Versace Spring/Summer 2015 Collection Runway Show:

Atelier Versace showcases stunning dresses with contemporary style cutouts that border on revealing. The strategically placed curvatures amplify the sensuality of the female form. However, they leave just enough to the imagination to be considered sexy. The asymmetric lines of the dresses are intricately woven to create complex patterns with a very modern feel. It is almost as if the female human body is a canvas for contemporary art. They are flattering in bold red, royal blue, stark white, black, and nude fabrics. She uses these lines in elegant evening dresses as well in one-piece pant suits. This collection is an ode to the contemporary woman – glamorous, complex, and not confined to one type of cookie-cutter look.

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Stéphane Rolland Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

There are two very distinct looks in Stéphane Rolland’s 2015 Spring/Summer Collection. There are large ballgowns with ruffles or two-toned illusion fabric, and those with eerily similar curves (though less complex) to those of Versace.
The ballgowns are very feminine in their strategically placed ruffles and illusion skirts. The ruffles of the gown’s skirts are reminiscent of the layers of a rose when looked at as a whole. They are very beautiful in how intricately and carefully each ruffle is placed. The color palate includes champagne, copper, white, black, and gold/silver. The two-toned fading skirts are perfectly accented to complete the continuity of the top and bottom of the dress. They are very regal and breathtaking.10945067_911730535538700_4553341813191295495_o 10380599_911730592205361_3540876677408417924_o 10861079_911730378872049_1616274061007880251_o 10931674_911729678872119_8544449074286160391_o 10896205_911728972205523_5107650847705589431_o 10648947_911729108872176_8097411206588909284_o 10842347_911729528872134_2440235327433056630_o 10626223_911729575538796_900377010268322191_o 1795812_911729822205438_975654217575622499_o

The dresses with contemporary lines are adorned with metallic golds and silvers. Unlike Versace, these dresses are not as formfitting. They are also mostly illusion fabric with metallic gold or silver fabric strategically placed to cover the intimate areas. Additionally, they boast silver or gold fabric around the neck – almost as if the models are wearing necklaces. This collection is a fusion of Victorian femininity, flower petals, and a nod to the future. It alters the traditional idea of a gown in untraditional ways – with illusion skirts and metallic fabrics. It is as if blending two very different extremes – the past and the present.

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