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Where Has Marcel The Shell With Shoes On Been Hiding for Three Years?


After hiding (presumably with his shoes on) since 2011, Marcel has decided to return to his fans in his first ever outdoor film. For those unfamiliar with the life of Marcel: he is adventurous, honest, and wise. He would be a great mentor.


Possible reasons for a three year absence:

  • His eye fell out, and since he has no arms, hands, or legs and only one eye, it took him three years to locate and perfectly fall on his eye thus restoring his vision and helping him feel comfortable in front of the camera once again.
  • He moved apartments, and everytime he got a ride on a bug, the bug flew back to his old apartment much like a lost dog.
  • He had a Dorito hang-gliding accident that traumatized him.
  • A new pet moved into the house and mistook Marcel for a toy. Marcel was eaten and shat out on numerous occasions. No one wanted to interview him because he constantly smelled like feces.
  • He thought the sink drain was a water slide. After sliding down on a granola cluster, he got stuck in the drain. After three years of build up and no help from Draino, a plumber found him and returned him to his family. Everyday felt like Thanksgiving in the SHU.
  • He jumped into a box full of packing peanuts and woke up at the Amazon return facility. It took him several different boxes to return to his home.
  • He discovered Netflix.



Marcel the Shell With Shoes On


Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, Two

Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, Three

I don’t know where you’ve been, but I’m glad you’re back.


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