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This Website Will Change Your Life: No Excuse List


Most of us spend at least twelve years of our lives in school (unless you’re a Kardashian or a child star, in which case you’re just screwed). Throughout the years spent in preschool, elementary, high school, and possibly college and beyond, we cram our brains with facts that 99% of us will never need to recall ever again.

In this new edition of This Website Will Change Your Life, we’re turning learning upside down and introducing ways to master things that are actually useful and relevant. The website in question, No Excuse List, offers a long list of sites that can teach you everything from how to code to how to cook to how to create art and music. This isn’t your 9th grade geometry class we’re talking about here. And the best part? It’s all free.

Online teaching has grown in popularity in the past few years after sites like the Khan Academy started spreading like wildfire. Salman Khan, a graduate of MIT and Harvard Business School, started posting videos on YouTube to help his young family members with their homework. Soon, the videos were pulliung in thousands upon thousands of views, and Khan decided to act on it. Today, the Khan Academy offers free education to everyone, everywhere. Other major institutions have also picked up on this trend, with universities like MIT offering courses for free online as well. Both Khan Academy and MIT are on the No Excuse List, by the way.

Check out the No Excuse List next time you’re considering starting another 5-day binge of a new show on Netflix. Instead of being able to discuss the main character’s love life in depth, you’ll be able to build a website/play the guitar/make crème brulee from scratch. You’re welcome.


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