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Children Should Watch Frasier


Kids are getting dumber. Okay, not dumber, but definitely less intellectual. It’s a proven fact. We have such a religious-like belief in controlling a child’s diet; as kids, we’re told that one sugar cookie or half of a coca cola is like a ‘gateway food,’ and it will surely lead to chronic obesity down the road. But as we spend all of our OCD energy on monitoring what children eat, we forget about the importance of a healthy mind. Just go to any high school, or mall, or just about any public area, and you’ll witness a multitude of brainless lemmings walking around with 4 letter word vocabularies and a penchant for Pitbull and Ke$ha. There’s nothing wrong with this if you’re a reality tv contestant, but if you’re a real person then listen up.

If you’re gonna waste your time, then why waste your brain as well? Instead of a Jersey Shore marathon, try engaging your smart muscles. Try watching a program that uses correct grammar from time to time, and maybe one that features Kelsey Grammar. Haha. Yep, Frasier. My girlfriend and I recently discovered this show on good ole Netflix. But I only wish I’d given it a chance many years ago, because it provides me with a refreshing blend of humor plus mental stimulation. Two things that aren’t symbiotic in most situational comedies.

It gives me an idea. You know the NFL with that whole ‘Play 60’ thing? Well how about we start a campaign called ‘Brain 60?’ It would involve 60 minutes of intellectual stimulation for children. No I’m not talking about reading War and Peace, just getting kids to do stuff that will improve their minds and behavior. I use Frasier as an example because it successfully blends brains and humor. But PBS is great too. Their morning kids’ shows are fantastic (don’t ask me how I know this). Basically any program whose characters aren’t complete asses is okay by me. You know, unlike the ones who think it’s okay to get naked on the shore, or pee out the window of a moving vehicle.

Pshh, like there are actually shows where people do these things….. oh, that’s right, there are. Now, don’t get me wrong. As a healthy 23 year old man, I appreciate any and all Jackass episodes and movies. And like I previously stated, I have seen Jersey Shore (but just the first season… and part of the second). But as for our youth? I say they need to learn responsible societal norms, and THEN they can be allowed to follow my lead. They need to be forced to speak using actual dictionary words, and THEN they can go to an Eminem concert. It should be like obtaining a Driver’s License, but for mature behavior. When a kid is deemed mature based on an intellectual scale, they can then proceed to do all of the seedy things that make our society great. They’ll be able to watch MTV ironically, rather than from an emotionally invested perspective. And they’ll be able to play Candy Crush, merely as a break from reading Popular Science magazine.

By watching other people act proper, children will hopefully inherit these habits. At least it can’t hurt, right? Frasier would agree with me, and so should you. Because when these kids grow up, and are in a professional setting for the first time, you’ll be able to discern the ones who watched Frasier as a kid, from the others. The Frasier kids will be the ones whom the others call their boss.

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