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This Website Will Change Your Life: The Useless Web


While Sophie’s first installment in this series of life-changing websites was on the serious end of the spectrum, this volume of the series is on the utterly inane and ridiculous side.

While productivity and useful tools can certainly change your life, so can a website that can consume hours of your time doing unproductive things! Hey, nobody ever said “This Website Will Change Your Life” meant that it would change it for the BETTER. Alas, meet The Useless Web.

The Useless Web is exactly what it sounds like: useless. This site consists of a giant button that instructs you to click it to go to a useless website!

Yup, that's all.

Yup, that’s all.

And Oh the places you’ll go. Bouncing cats, feeding fat ladies apples, spinning wheels, trippy colors and SO much more are in store for you, my friend. Never again will you search StumbleUpon or Reddit to cure your boredom; no, from now on, it will be straight to The Useless Web. Enjoy responsibly, boys and girls.

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