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WTF News: Exploding Cows, Korean Dinner Dates, and More!


Happy Friday! Here’s more of the WTF news that makes us appreciate the wacky world in which we live…


When I heard about this one earlier in the week I laughed like an immature 3rd grader. In the German town of Rasdorf, some dairy cows–who must have had something awful for dinner–needed to pass some gas. 90 cows let it rip, building up the levels of methane gas in the shed. According to a Reuters news agency, “a static electric charge caused the gas to explode with flashes of flames.” I never thought flaming farts were a real thing. Apparently the roof was damaged and one cow injured from the blast. I guess our lesson here is don’t keep gassy cows confined in a shed!

WARNING: Flammable.

WARNING: Flammable.


Heard of Spiderman? …Well how about Spidergoat! A professor at Utah State University decided to genetically modify some goats at a farm and give them spider genes. Why? He wanted to make more spider silk, which is one of the strongest substances known to man. The farmers take the goats’ milk, which contains an extra protein from the transplanted gene, extract it, and spin it into spider silk thread. No word yet if the goats are capable of climbing walls, shooting webs, etc…but stay tuned.

Beware the Spidergoat.

Beware the Spidergoat.



So there’s this new craze in Korea called “Meok-Bang,” which involves someone paying to have a virtual friend at the dinner table. A woman named Park Seo-yan makes $9,000 a day by cooking meals and eating them in front a camera while fans watch her on the web. I know you’re probably thinking…that this is some weird food porn; but no, there’s no nudity or sex involved. Seo-yan just eats and talks to you while you pay her in tips. Seo-yeon explains, “People enjoy the vicarious pleasure of my online show when they can’t eat that much, don’t want to eat food at night, or are on a diet.” So. I think I found my new job: eating as much as I want and getting paid for it. Who wants to watch?!

Watching this doesn't come cheap.

Watching this doesn’t come cheap.



For those of you who love cats, I suggest you stop reading this. An italian man has been accused of adopting cats over a two year period for the sole purpose of cooking and eating them. According to the president of the Italian Association for the Defense of Animals and the Environment, this man repeatedly adopted cats with very specific characteristics. Cat shelters started to get suspicious with how many times he adopted a new cat. He was finally caught red-handed, just as he was about to kill a cat. Ick. Apparently eating cats is not uncommon in Italy – approximately 500-600 cats are eaten per year. Anyone else thinking about Weird Al Yankovic?



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