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WTF News: A Homemade Hovercraft, Canadian Vacuums and more!


Coolest Dad Ever Makes Hovercraft for Son

Alright, this guy officially won Dad of the Year for making his son a homemade hovercraft. Uh, yeah! This kid has to be the happiest kid alive. It’s like something out of the Jetsons. I’m super jealous and hope he makes more to sell in stores. You know you’d buy one. Who cares if you need someone else to steer the thing, I’d ride on it all day.



Man Gets DUI on Lawn Mower

Florida does it again! A man was arrested this week for driving a lawn mower while heavily intoxicated. Didn’t even know that counts as a DUI…only in Florida I guess. The man drove onto a busy highway while sipping his beer. Police also found a gun under the seat of the lawn mower. So, I’m really curious where this guy was going.


Canada Goes to Extreme to Prove Vacuum’s Effectiveness

So, Canada must be pretty serious about their vacuum cleaners. A brand manager from Bissell recently created some news with his stunt in the Toronto subway station. He is so confident in his vacuum’s cleaning power he decided to eat pasta off the subway floor. UGH GROSS. I don’t care if the vacuum sanitizes and cleans the floor, ITS THE SUBWAY FLOOR. I’ve been to New York, I’ve seen who/what dwells in the subway. ICK. This man has some issues. He claims, “I 100% stand by this product.” Man you’ve got some issues. I love the guy in the video that freaks out and lets a simple “dude” out after he soaks the pasta sauce up with bread. I’d probably puke and pass out if I watched something like this in public.


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