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WTF News: A Stranded Octopus, Kindergarten Fights, and More!


Stranded Octopus Causes Traffic Jam

Tuesday morning a giant polystyrene octopus was left in the streets of central London causing quite the traffic headache. Many passersby stopped to take photos and were told to approach with care. The van transporting the creature broke down in the middle of the road. There were few details given as to where the octopus was headed. The service used for transportation believed it was headed for the World Cup. However the owner of the octopus says it was being taken to a film location. No further details yet as to where it was headed. And no word yet if it’s still stuck in the road.

That man looks so confused.

Prince Watched the French Open in Fabulous Style

You gotta love Prince for his fantastic style.

However, he was recently spotted in one of his bests, complete with a scepter and conniving grin. On Monday he watched the French Open, specifically Rafael Nadal’s fourth-round match. His outfit consisted of a turtleneck (bring them back!) underneath some sleeveless scrubs or vest/frock/sweatsuit…not really sure. But what I think really completed the outfit was the fabulous scepter he held onto, clearly stating his royalty. Obviously, he rules over tennis. The Prince tennis folks had to be in awe.

Probably the scariest thing you’ve seen all day.

 Fight During Kindergarten Graduation Causes School Lockdown

An elementary school in Ohio was hosting a graduation celebration for the kindergarten children when a fight broke out among the parents. Okay first off, why are we celebrating kids finishing kindergarten? What is there to celebrate? “Hurray Jonny! You can color inside the lines!” or “Yay Sarah, you can pick your nose while playing jump rope!” I don’t understand.

Congrats on not peeing yourself this year.

According to the report, the fight broke out after one man hit another due to a domestic dispute. This triggered a larger fight involving more than 20 people causing the school to go into lockdown mode. One parent claims, “To have something like that happen at a graduation is pretty pathetic.” I concur.

People were pushing and shoving one another in a frenzied panic as school officials tried to make sure no one else wandered into the dispute. The police arrived shortly after to break up the fight and restore peace.

It should also be noted this is not the first time an Ohioian (Ohian, Ohion?) kindergarten ceremony went krazy (as Pitbull says). The previous year, two girls broke out in a fight causing 8 people to be arrested during the ceremony. The school went into lockdown as well. The cause for the fight? Spilled punch.

I think I know the perfect solution for this. Clearly, there needs to be some better kindergarten teachers to keep the kids and parents in line. Perhaps some teachers with police experience. I’m thinking…a Kindergarten Cop!?

Just saying…


 German Plane Almost Lands on Sunbather

So I don’t know about you guys but I wouldn’t go sunbathing in Germany anytime soon. Or ever for that matter. But then again, I wouldn’t sunbathe on an airstrip.

A man decided to take the chance and work on his tan on a touristic islet off Heligoland in Germany. However this islet, Dune, also happens to be an airstrip. A fairly busy one it seems.

The man who filmed the video below says he saw 5 other planes land before this specific one came in. He states, “I instantly realised that this one was coming in to land far too low.” You got that right. However, luck was on the sun-soaked man’s side as the plane barely missed him. Moral of the story: do not use an airstrip as a tanning bed.


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