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Why You Should Never Be Embarrassed


Embarrassment, by textbook definition, is a feeling of self-consciousness, shame or awkwardness. It is a feeling we all have experienced more than once in our lives. We are ashamed of an action, a fault, a flaw, etc. We all get pimples. We all trip and fall. Most of the time, we as humans are embarrassed by the same things. But, that should be a reason why we should never be embarrassed.

Let’s take this scenario: it’s picture day in 8th grade and you wake up with a huge pimple on your nose. You look like Rudolph and you feel like a pizza face. My mom always told me “there’s someone that has it worse than you,” take that with a grain of salt. Someone has it worse than you. Why be embarrassed over one pimple when someone probably has more? Embrace the pimple. Be the pimple. We all have flaws, perfection is ideal but an unreachable concept.

No matter where we are, who we are in front of, when we get embarrassed, we turn red, our palms get clammy and we think to ourselves “OMG did they see that?” Sure they did! Being embarrassed should never occur. Why? Because we are all human. All of these things happen to all of us. Like that new Christina Perri song, “I am only human, I bleed when I fall down.” Like when you trip and fall down the stairs at work and get a welt on your ass…you’re only human, you know.

I believe that there are circumstances and roads we can take to assure us that we won’t be embarrassed by something in the near future…but that’s if you care enough. If you are old enough to read this, then you are old enough to understand that it does not matter what people think. You are you and that is beautiful. I have friends that always ask “does this look stupid?” when talking about an outfit. I have been guilty of doing this, but then I remind myself “I look good, I feel good, I don’t even care.” If you don’t care what people think of you. Show it. Wear that colorful outfit with the colorful shoes and the colorful makeup or that all-black outfit (I swear we won’t think you’re gothic).

Being embarrassed is a normal feeling, I’m not trying to say otherwise. But, when you really think about it and look at the whole picture, we don’t need to worry as much as we do. When you feel embarrassed just ask yourself, “is this really going to matter to anyone in this room, as well as myself, a year from now?”

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