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Posted On June 10, 2014By Kelsey DarlingIn Miscellaneous, Ramblings

The Darling Girls Take on Salt Lake

Allyson came to visit Kelsey in good old SL,UT for a weekend of sisterly bonding and brawling,  this time sans bearded boyfriends that drive like 80 year old ladies.  What follows is a collaborative account between sisters.   We arrived in Salt Lake at the Howard Johnson Express Inn with low expectations. This was fortunate because our hotel looked like an abandoned building with resident roaches and rodents. The HJ was rough and good-enough, but nothing more if we were to be honest with ourselves. Our first room was streetRead More
When I was 22 months old, something incredible happened.  My sister-friend was born.  Though my little nugget brain didn’t realize it at the time, that chunky baby sister of mine was my soul-mate in the making.  In fact, it took some years before we realized we were faster, better, stronger together.  While growing up in southern California, we struggled with the concept of sharing…okay, I did.  Our rock bottom?  I grabbed her feet while she was sleeping.  Maybe it was our mutual love of Wilson Philips or maybe I just gotRead More