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10 Reasons Why Having a Sister Makes Life Infinitely Better


When I was 22 months old, something incredible happened.  My sister-friend was born.  Though my little nugget brain didn’t realize it at the time, that chunky baby sister of mine was my soul-mate in the making.  In fact, it took some years before we realized we were faster, better, stronger together.  While growing up in southern California, we struggled with the concept of sharing…okay, I did.  Our rock bottom?  I grabbed her feet while she was sleeping.  Maybe it was our mutual love of Wilson Philips or maybe I just got lucky, but at some point the sibling rivalry came to a screeching halt.  Today we are invincible.  Whenever I need advice or a shoulder to cry on, my little sister is my go-to gal.  She’s the Tia to my Tamara.  The Ashley to my Mary-Kate.  Thanks for the built-in best friend, Mom and Dad.

10 Reasons Why Having a Sister Makes Life Infinitely Better

1.  A sister will catch you when you fall.

When shit hits the fan, there is no one who will love the pain away like your sister.  Remember that song you sang with a circle of overall-clad strangers at Girl Scouts Camp?  Some friends come, and some friends go, but sisters are forever.   Turns out it’s true!  As a sister, you have a support system for life.  If you accidentally kill someone, your sister will be the first and probably only one stupid enough to help you hide the body.  I’ve never experienced this scenario first-hand but it’s comforting to know that, with my sister’s help, I could get away with murder.  Thank you, sister, for having my back no matter what.


2.  You and your sister have enough inside jokes to last for a lifetime of laughter.  

Your ability to turn any situation into a comic episode is truly a gift of sisterhood.  Despite the fact that you two might drive everyone around you bonkers, you and your sister are always having a GREAT time.  The other night in West Hollywood, my sister and I couldn’t stop reenacting Fredrik Eklund from Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing.  “Weeeeeeee!”  My abs were aching from laughing so hard that I barely noticed the eye rolls of those watching our sister act.  Thank you, sister, for matching my crazy.


3.  You can talk about anything with your sister.

If you need to talk about your recent heartbreak or the fact that you’ve been to three grocery stores and still can’t find any Cadbury eggs, your sister will wholeheartedly listen.  Whether we’re living together or apart, I know I can count on her if I need to vent, ask an embarrassing question without being judged, or just flat-out be inappropriate.  Thank you, sister, for being the best listener and advice-giver in the whole fucking world.


4.  Nobody understands you better than your sister.

I can start a sentence with, “The only thing that would make this better would be…” and my sister will accurately finish it with, “coffee!  Let’s get coffee!”  Our thoughts tend to align so many times that I’m convinced we possess sista-sista telepathy.  She just gets me.  Thank you, sister.


5.  A sister will protect you from douchebags.

Tell him he better be good to you or I’ll kick his motherfuckin’ ass.” -My sister, bodyguard, and badass bitch.

Though overprotective at times, your sister consistently wants what is best for you.  Give her some credit for she possesses a psychic superpower that allows her to know if your boyfriend is a weenie way before you do.  Thank you, sister, for being the best big brother I never had.


6.  No matter what you and your sister fight about, you’ll always work things out.

I realize that not everyone is this lucky.  However, generally speaking, sisters have the ability to pull each other’s hair one second and go out for frozen yogurt the next.  Thank you, sister, for being the Beyonce to my Solange.


7.  A sister will always be honest with you.

 If you’re being an idiot, your sister will be the first one to call you out.  If your joke totally bombs, your sister won’t encourage you with a fake laugh.  Are you rocking a camel toe?  Your sister will let you know.  Though this might annoy you at the time, she just saved you from public humiliation…again.  Regardless of the fact that your sister has no problem calling you out when you’re being a twat, she will do so sans judgement.  What a saint.  Thank you, sister, for telling me that dress made me look fat.


8.  Your sister will binge watch The O.C. with you on a Friday night.  

And maybe even Saturday too.  Truth be told, my sister and I can shamelessly quote Holiday in the Sun, Mean Girls, My Best Friend’s Wedding, and the first two seasons of The O.C.  One of the benefits of growing up with your sister-friend is being exposed to many of the same things, creating similar interests.  You’re not exactly the same but you’re pretty damn close when it comes to defining characteristics, like your Netflix preferences.  Thank you, sister, for overindulging with me any day of the week.


9.  Your sister knows all your flaws but loves you anyway.  

That year I wore my hair like Amy Winehouse and struggled with depression.  When my tendency to drink a bottle of Chardonnay a night led to some phone calls my sister wishes she could forget.  All those times I broke into her closet like a little bitch.  She’s seen it all.  Even more, she helped me get through it.  Thank you, sister, for loving me despite my plethora of mistakes.


10.  Let’s face it: Your sister easily doubles as your best friend.  

While friends and lovers are fabulous, no one compares to your sister-friend.  Think Prince William and Kate Middleton have an admirable connection?  Please.  No relationship in the world is more powerful than that of two sisters.  If you’re lucky enough to have a sister, I hope you know how fortunate you are.  I sure do.  Thank you, sister, for being my person.




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