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I Thought I Had One Dad…Nope I Have Two


There are very few things I am wrong about.

I don’t mean that in the cocky “I’m always right” way, it’s something I pride myself in for the simple fact I enjoy not having to make retracting statements. I like what I like, and nothing changes that. I’m set in my ways about food; I hate peppers, onions, and bleu cheese; I’m that way about music; I’ll listen to anything but country; but really I’m the strongest in my opinion about television and movies.

I’ve been a television and movie nerd for as long as I can remember, it was my escape from reality. I had a terrible mother, but found such a freedom of getting lost in other people’s creations. My vocabulary still has quotes from 3rd Rock from the Sun in it. I recorded a lot of shows on the VCR because I would spend summers in my mother’s hair salon.

I like television, and I give most shows a chance before I make up my mind about them. I’ve been a fan of shows that most people haven’t given a shot. One example is “God, the Devil, and Bob” which was a short-lived show, but was hilarious for the small amount of time it was on the air. I keep an open mind when it comes to shows people create, just due to the simple fact everyone’s genius deserves a shot. One show I never gave a chance though, was “American Dad.”

I would catch an episode here, and an episode there on Sundays. I mean, when I first started watching it was okay. I found the humor rather dry, and kind of boring. I admit I didn’t change it when it came on the television mostly due to the fact there was nothing else on television. I honestly could have gone the rest of my life without watching an episode, and been completely happy. I had this mentality until I was given a memory drive with 8 seasons of American Dad on it.

Boy was I wrong.

That show has made me laugh harder than I have in a long time, and I’ve actually had tears roll down my face. Some of the things they say on this show are just hysterical, and a lot of those are due to my favorite character: the manipulative, alcoholic, sociopathic alien, known as Roger. That squishy little gray being is what ties that show together. He has some of the best one-liners that make me laugh harder than I have in years. One of my favorite things he has said thus far was in an episode called “Old Stan in the Mountain” in which Roger is wearing an orange wig. He makes the comment “no one makes a good red wig. It looks like Garfield had a miscarriage on my head.”

Roger’s love for “necessary juice” and quippy snapbacks isn’t the only thing that makes the show amazing. Claus the fish, who is actually a German man trapped in a fish’s body thanks to the CIA, is sometimes the voice of reason on the show. There’s an episode where he takes over as the family psychologist, and he proves to be wiser than anyone gives him credit for. Sadly, they only see him as a fish, so he spends pretty much every episode being ignored and forgotten. Francine is the powerhouse behind the family, seeing as she takes care of the family as a stay at home mother, but she has her own secrets she keeps hidden. Stan is a family man who bleeds red, white, and blue; however he is a loveable dope due to the fact most of the knowledge he has is misguided. The other person that is my favorite though, is Haley.

Haley is the complete opposite of Stan, and they butt heads in just about every episode. She’s an outspoken, liberal, and anti- gun in every sense of the word. Emphasis on why they fight in episodes, and Stan actually set her up once so she would have to use a gun. She’s a herpes-infested hippie, who smokes weed in episodes with her husband Jeff – who is despised by Stan – and rescues monkeys that are being shampooed up to 10 times a day. Minus the herpes, I wouldn’t mind being on the same level as Haley. For crying out loud she’s a sleeper agent with the same skills as Jennifer Garnier in “Alias.”

I hadn’t given enough props to Seth MacFarlane for creating such a masterpiece. Usually I’m a person who knows if a show is good after watching it a few times, but this is one I’ve been wrong about. I judged it very quickly due to the fact I hadn’t watched it in a consecutive order. There are certain things if you don’t watching it regularly you won’t understand, and I think that’s where the dislike I had comes in. I watched episodes, but felt lost so I think that’s where my dislike had come in. Now that I’ve seen it I fall in love with this show more and more when I watch it.

The phrase “don’t judge a book” by its cover rings true, especially when it comes to this one of a kind creation. Start watching it from the beginning , and I promise you won’t regret it.

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