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Why You Should Always Fall In Love With Yourself First


I can’t tell you how many people have told me “fall in love with yourself first before someone else loves you.” Maybe not in those exact terms, but that’s the gist of it. I now use those same words as sincere advice to everyone that is looking for love. I have been single for a year now since my last relationship, and at first it was a lonely ride. Once you’ve been loved- touched, kissed, and spoken to in a genuine way, you feel lost when that all disappears. It took me a while to get back on track. I woke up one day and realized that I needed to love myself and be my own best friend. Reality literally slapped me right in the face.

Why should you fall in love with yourself? Well, the answers are simple. If you expect someone to love you, sooner or later, you need to show them that you have the power to be on your own and make yourself happy.

Falling in love with yourself consists of:

1. Looking in the mirror and telling yourself you’re beautiful and you rock (seriously, do it).

2. Patting yourself on the back when needed.

3. Hugging yourself when needed.

4. Finding things that make you happy without the help of others (for me, it’s writing, listening to music or just watching Vines and laughing my ass off).

5. Learning how to pick yourself up when you fall (not getting your own BandAid, more like building yourself back up and motivating your mind).

Falling in love with yourself creates the one bond between your mind and your heart that can never be broken. I’ve found that loving myself has given me the capacity to accept what I cannot change and change what I cannot accept. I have gained more confidence than other people I know, and confidence is EVERYTHING. Confidence is in the way you walk, in the way you talk and in the way you carry yourself. When you love yourself, you attract people. If you’re moping around all day, do you really think you’re being approachable? When people you follow on Twitter/Facebook write about being sad every day, does that look attractive? It may sound mean, but face the facts people. Loving yourself opens up tons of doors and makes you a better person all around.


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