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Sarah Clayton is Miss March!


Sarah Clayton is our CoverGirl for March 2014. Hailing from Pennsylvania, this babe has been published in Playboy and Maxim, to name a few, but we were lucky enough to snag her as our Girl of the Month for the first month of spring. And like any girl who’s had to deal with some Nor’easters while living by the Atlantic, Sarah is looking forward to the warmer months ahead. Find out more about Sarah and check out our HQ photos below. Then, follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for optimum results.


Now, for a little more about Sarah…


Height?:  5’1”

Weight?:  105 lbs.

Natural hair color?: Dark Brown

Measurements?: 32C-24-36



How would you pick yourself up at a bar?: Be funny and not obnoxious or obvious 🙂


What is your favorite winter activity?:   I wish I had one!! So, my “activity” is shivering my ass off wanting it to get warm again!


Worst dating experience?:  Going away with my boyfriend to the shore and just having him be a complete jackass….I was 20 and still dating assholes.


Worst bedroom experience?: Getting shot in the eye…it’s horrible!!!


Snowy mountain or sunny beach?: Beach. Any day!


The world would be a better place if people would just ______ (fill in the blank): Work hard and be honest!


What is one thing other girls do that pisses you off?: Be snippy with other girls for no reason.  I can’t stand that shit!


What is the worst mistake men make when trying to get girls?: Trying toooo hard and being a show-off.  I truly don’t care what type of car you have and any girl worth it won’t either.


Nothing is sexier than a man that _________ (fill in the blank): Take care of himself.  Don’t be a baby and do your own shit 😉


Tell us what YOU think your best quality is, physical or otherwise: My tuckus.


What is the most important quality in a man?: Being funny and confident.  Nothing is sexier than a man who’s confident!


Most played song in your iTunes library?: Right now probably Eminem’s “Berzerk.”


Alcoholic beverage of choice?: White wine most of the time, and margaritas and mojitos on vacation.


If you had to move anywhere in the world for the next 10 years, without leaving once, where would it be?:  I’d love to go to Tahiti and just relax!

Now that you know her a little better, here are some photos of Sarah:


sarah clayton

Sarah’s ready for warmer weather…and so are the rest of us now.


sarah clayton

That’s one lucky pillow…


sarah clayton

Sarah reppin’ her team.




Sarah does sexy perfectly, but nails cute too.

Sarah does sexy perfectly, but nails cute too.


sarah clayton

From the front…


...and back!

…and back!


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