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#WCW – Ashley Alexiss


It’s Wednesday and you know what that means: time for some hot women. This week, we’d like to introduce Ashley Alexiss.

-Ashley Alexiss-

Twitter: @AshAlexiss

Instagram: ashalexiss

Known for: Modeling, using social media in all the right ways, starting Cleavage for the Cure…which is definitely a cause we appreciate.

-One of the most-active models on Twitter and Instagram, you should DEFINITELY be following Ashley Alexiss. Ashley is based out of Massachusetts, and is actually good friends with last week’s beauty, Megan (don’t worry, we have another picture of the both of them). Ashley has been featured in Playboy the classy way – without taking her clothes off. She has been named Playboy’s Miss Social before, too…something which comes as no surprise to those of us that follow her on Twitter. See more of this Bostonian blonde bombshell below, and then, start following her on any and all social media.



And now, a bonus photo of our two most recent #WCWs:


As always, check back next Wednesday for a new girl to dream about.

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