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#WCW: Ashley Hinshaw


-Ashley Hinshaw-

Twitter: @Ashley_Hinshaw

Instagram: Ashley_Hinshaw

Known for: Being a model and actress, with supporting roles in True Blood and True Detective; being engaged to Topher Grace.

– Okay, so I watch a lot of HBO. Guilty. But in addition to HBO offering some of the finest television programs around, the network also does a great job of casting beautiful women to appear in those TV shows.

Case in point: True Detective. Last season, we featured beauties like Alexandra Daddario and Lili Simmons in this space. Now, with Season Two here, we were introduced to another gorgeous girl in the first episode: Ashley Hinshaw. Playing a drunk-driving actress, Hinshaw gave Taylor Kitsch’s character a tough decision in episode one…but Hinshaw is a lot classier in real life.

This 26-year old actress and model has made a few appearances in other premier shows like True Blood, and we can all hope we see more of her on True Detective this season and in future shows and movies. But for now, check out this babe in  a few carefully-chosen photos below, and then give her a follow!










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