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Change Your Outlook: Why A Positive Mind Matters


Wake up and tell yourself that today is going to be a good day. I know this may sound somewhat simplistic in comparison to the sometimes harsh realities life and all its alliances can throw at us, but try it. Your outlook determines and shapes the way you feel about certain situations and then, in turn, will have either a negative or positive effect – depending on the outlook you choose to have – on the way you handle these matters. If you are coming from a negative mind set, fueled by negative thoughts, they will ultimately lead to a negative outcome.

We all have days that are harder than others – that’s just the way life goes, but it’s how we handle these moments and how we view these moments that will change the way we feel. Are you going to feel sorry for yourself, mope about, complain, whine and bitch because you feel hard done by? Or are you going to get up, get over it and do something about it?

If you don’t like something – change it. Your life is your responsibility. Try and look at whatever it may be that is making you unhappy with a different perspective; a positive one. Sometimes the only person that can help you out of this dark space is yourself. You may not be able to control the things that happen to, and around you, but you can control your outlook to them.

So, for example, if you didn’t get that grade you wanted at college, or a promotion you wanted at work you can list all of the reasons why its unfair and dwell on the negatives, or you can come out the other side better for it. Worrying about a situation will not change a single thing. Filling your mind with negative thoughts and feeling trapped by them will do exactly that – trap you. You can improve, learn, grow and evolve in order to get the grade or promotion you want and with all of these factors you will be better off for doing so. By choosing the latter option you benefit in every single way. The first option has no positive affect on your life what so ever, all that does is bring you down. It’s about your outlook.

There is an endless list to the negative effects that a bad outlook will have on you, the negative effects on a positive outlook: none. Have you ever been in a really good mood and then spoke to someone who is down, feeling sorry for themselves, feels like the world is against them, believes they are hard done by? You come away feeling drained and lifeless, their mood is infectious. And no one wants to be, ‘that guy.’ Having a positive outlook on life will not only make you a better person for yourself, but for others to be around you too. You will feel less of a burden when faced with difficulties, you will feel more confident in yourself, you will feel better all round. Tomorrow try waking up with a positive outlook on life and tell yourself that today is going to be a good day.

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