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NPR: The Best Information You’ve Heard all Day


I think it’s time we give some much needed appreciation to the best radio station there is: NPR. Or for you newbies, National Public Radio. First off, they won’t play that annoying JBiebs or Miley Cyrus song 6 times in one hour. NPR is all about giving you relevant, worldly knowledge. Whether it be current events or the latest in gardening, I’m always learning something new from NPR. They tell me the news, quirky facts, and touching stories; they talk about debatable topics, and so much more.  This is a good-for-your-brain radio station that I think everyone needs to start listening to. You should never stop learning and why would you want to?!

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NPR is faster than reading.

So while you’re stuck in traffic or cleaning your house why not learn about jumping cows?  Oftentimes when a really good story is on, I feel like I’m six years old again and my parents are reading to me. Plus, every single reporter has the most soothing voice you’ve ever heard. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been late to a first date because I’m stuck in the parking lot, in my car, listening to a fascinating NPR story. 

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Can’t. Stop. Listening.

One of the best things about NPR is that they have all of their stories as podcasts. ALL OF THEM! So if you only listen to the first half of a report, you can listen to the other half later, online. I promise you’ll start enjoying NPR if you give it a chance. It’s also great for icebreakers on a first date or awkward social situations. You can always impress other people with the information you know–you don’t even have to tell them you heard it on NPR.

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So do your brain a favor and turn on NPR right now. You can even listen to it on their website. No excuses.

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