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Questions Every College Student Will Hear At Thanksgiving Dinner


We all have that one Aunt or Grandparent that asks too many questions about your life at Thanksgiving dinner, and frankly, you don’t have the energy or care to answer them. It is annoying; it is a waste of breath; and you are most likely just going to be yelled at for whatever answer you give them, even if you’re telling them something good. You’re never right and they’re never wrong. Here are the generic, irritating and useless questions I’m sure we all have received at least once:


1. How is school going?

This is the first question that gets them going…


2. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend yet?

…as if it’s a problem that I’m single.


3. If so, can you show me every picture of them on social media?

The generic answer: “Oh, they don’t have social media sorry.”


4. What’s their major?

They’re majoring in kegs and eggs with a minor in sleeping.


5. Will they be making money after college?

Am I marrying them?


6. I see you post pictures on Facebook a lot, do your parents know what you’re up to?



7. Do you party a lot?

“I hate college but love all the parties.”


8. Are you lying?

Well you see my pictures online, don’t you?


9. What are the parties like these days?

Like any other normal party Grandma………….


10. Things are not like how they were when I was in college, am I right?

Nope nobody wears poodle skirts anymore.


11. Do you wanna know what I did in college?

Not really, no.


12. Did you lose weight?

Gained the sophomore fifteen..


13. Another round of stuffing, do you still go to the gym?

I should be asking you the same question.


14. Are you planning on doing an internship?

Maybe, maybe not.


15. I know someone that knows someone who knows someone that can help you, do you want to call them about an internship?

Oh do you?


16. What do you want to do after graduation?

I’ll let you know when I get there.

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