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Running Tips for Babes


I used to hate running.  I would talk myself into doing it every now and then but I never really enjoyed it.  Kinda like flossing.  But then something changed.  I developed more issues than Vogue and suddenly running reintroduced itself to me as a free therapy session.  It became a sweet escape that included a brighter outlook on life and a tighter ass.  And then something really incredible happened.  My mom ran an entire half-marathon after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  You know, that disease where you can’t feel your legs?  That’s when I really became inspired to make running part of my life.  If she could do it, so could I.  And if I can do it, so can you!  For those of you who want to get that “runner’s high” more often but have trouble sticking with the practice, the following ten tips are for you.

10 Running Tips for Babes


1.  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Duh.  You can figure this part out, right?


2.  Eat real food.

I guarantee that if you eat more greens than cakes, you will be so much more motivated to put your spandex running shorts on.  Your diet is so important when it come to your endurance, recovery, and the way you feel on a daily basis.  Start making small changes today, like replacing a hot pocket with a protein shake.  You got this.


3.  Put the right running shoes on.

Investing in the right pair of running shoes for your unique foot type and running style is extremely important.  There is nothing fierce about getting an injury from wearing the wrong pair of Nike’s   Get your toned tush to a running specialty store.  They’ll take care of you.


4.  Look the part.

Wear running clothes that you look damn fine in.  Putting on something that makes you feel confident will give you motivation to run.  Wear some mascara if you need to and get out there.


5.  Think positive.

It’s time to remove the words “can’t” and “never” from your vocabulary.  When it comes to running, you will only go as far as your mind will let you.  Running is such a mental game.  Rather than slow your pace with negative thoughts, come up with a personal mantra that you can use throughout your run.  Example:  “I CAN do this because I’m a fierce bitch!”  Negative thoughts screw you over.  Positive thoughts get you to the finish line.  Get it?  Great.

6.  Take deep breaths.

In through the nose, out through the mouth.  Repeat.  It’s important to take deep breaths while running in order to avoid side stitches   And hello, you’re a human.  You need to breathe.  Namaste.


7.  Loosen up.

Pay attention to your form while you’re on the track.  If you carry a lot of tension in your shoulders and hands, you are wasting precious energy.  You might even cause the dreaded side-stitch.  Ouch!  Loosen up your shoulders, girl.  It’ll help.  I promise.  Oh, and don’t forget to stretch!

8.  Add variety.

To be a great runner, you need to do more than just run.  Yeah, you heard me.  Strength-training reduces boredom and enhances running form.  Pilates is one of my favorite cross-training activities to incorporate into my running schedule because it strengthens my core…and other assets.  A strong core improves your posture, protects your spine, and looks great naked.  Babe, you need to do Pilates.

9.  Set realistic goals.

If you have never run in your life, signing up for a 26-mile race is just asking for a death sentence.  Not only that, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment (and chin splints).  Take it slow, my friend.  Becoming a distance runner doesn’t happen overnight.  If you can run one mile, that is amazing.  Next week, try two.  See where I’m going with this?  The goal is to push yourself but just not too quickly.


10.  Never give up.

A runner’s high is earned.  Tell yourself to keep going.  You are strong.  Keep pushing yourself.  Find your pace and get lost in it.  The results are so worth it.  You are worth it.

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