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10 Signs You are Broke AF


Sidenote: If somebody out there is handing out jobs or free cash, hook ya girl up

1. You browsed the Craigslist “ETC” category in desperation, and now are signed up for 6 “market research studies,” none of which you’re sure are legit. Oh well, I don’t need my Social Security Number anyway, you can have it.

2. “Broke with Expensive Taste” is your anthem.

3. “I can subsist off of nothing but pasta and lentils until the next time I get paid, right?” You don’t get paid for another two weeks.

4. You’ve begun debating the merits of having a sugar daddy. Cons: Old guys are gross. Pros: Free money, and all you’d have to do is lose a little dignity. Win-win!

5. Chipotle is too expensive for you now.

6. And you can forget the guac. Who do you think you are, Bill Gates?

7. You’ve Googled “how to bake your own bread without a bread maker”.

8. Coffee has replaced at least one of your regular meals. Nutrients, who needs ’em when you’ve got appetite suppressants, amirite?!

9. You’ve tried selling some of your clothes to consignment shops, but you only own cheap Forever 21 shit (because you’re broke, remember?) and nobody wants those anyway.

10. You’re pretty much one unexpected bill away from becoming a sex worker at this point. “Can I at least put ‘high-priced escort’ on a resume?”

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