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Things You Can do to Make [Insert Day of the Week Here] Feel Like Friday


1. Go to a random concert – Concerts are great because you’ll actually be doing something after work, other than sitting on the couch with a box of Cheez-Its. And the upside is that usually the shows will let out at a fairly reasonable hour, either because they know nobody’s trying to turn up until 2am on a Tuesday (except you, Makonnen), or because of neighborhood noise laws, IDK. Unless you plan on going to a rap concert in which case, you’re basically going to be out until you have to go to work the next day…five weeks from now.


2. Drink wine – and eat cheese. Or Cheez-Its. I’m not a wine snob so I’m not gonna tell you what kind to drink. I like Barefoot’s Pink Moscato because it’s pink and tastes like juice. This post was unfortunately not sponsored by Barefoot Pink Moscato.


3. Netflix a good movie – I mean, you could also watch a good movie on DVD, but who even does that anymore? My laptop doesn’t even have a CD drive these days (nor did it have one back when I bought it in 2012). Netflix in particular gives you that “I’m staying in on a Friday night with some Barefoot Moscato and Cheez-Its” kind of vibe.


4. Dress a little sexier than you normally would – Maybe wearing a crop top and denim booty shorts to work is a bad idea, unless you work on the set of a hip-hop music video, then by all means go for it. For the rest of us (or maybe just me) trying to figure out how to walk that line between slutty and business casual during the week is kind of like figuring out how to walk that line between slutty and clothed like I do on weekends. Also: Cheez-Its.


5. Get blackout drunk – Blacking out at your local dive bar and then going home to eat Cheez-Its will make any weeknight feel like the wee hours of Saturday morning. Extra bonus—it’ll make the next day feel like Monday!

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