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Wayne Brady is Sad Too


In the past year, the entertainment industry has suffered the loss of renowned comedians and thespians (you know who they are). In response, general depression awareness levels were heightened on a national level. The societal fear of losing another entertainment icon (if you’re a millennial like I am, you miss the hell out of Peter Banning) has rattled the most durable of psyches, prompting those who suffer, primarily those inhabiting the vicious world of entertainment, to open up about their illness.

Comedian Wayne Brady is the latest to go candid. This past Monday, Brady opened up about his private battle with depression in an Entertainment Tonight interview. According to Brady, Robin Williams’ abrupt suicide encouraged him to publicly disclose his own struggle with mental illness – an acknowledgement he hopes will inspire those silently enduring their own personal bout with depression to seek help: “If me talking about my personal journey helps someone, it’s all worth it.” Brady says.

If trending topics on Facebook are any indication, Brady’s admission is resonating. Whether or not Brady’s confession is being received with genuine sincerity and a lack of irony remains to be seen. That the admission exists at all, though, is a positive omen.

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