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3 Ways To Be Optimistic While Being A Pessimist


It’s hard to be optimistic when there are things in life that drive you mad. So the purpose here isn’t to persuade you to change who you are, it’s to help you make the most out of your negativity in a positive way.

Pessimists, here are 3 things you can do to make your life a little more positive. Just a little.


3. Traffic Is Terrible, But It Could Be Worse

Your commute is dragging you down, adding countless years to your life. But look at it this way. At least you had the means to acquire a car. Just think about how long it would take you to walk to work. Probably a lot longer. And hey, if you live in a heavily populated city on the west coast…. traffic will be about 4x worse in 10 years. So enjoy the moment! 🙂


2. You Can’t Fully Ignore Ignorant People, But Who Says You Have To Give Them Attention

There are going to be people who greatly annoy you in just about every way imaginable. This being said, there is no justification in ignoring them. It’s rude, and it’s letting the terrorists win. Instead, do the following…. Nod and say ‘oh’ a few times while maintaining eye contact. And then when you are alone, you can mutter about them to yourself. Let it out, just not to them. By getting it out of your system you are feeling better about yourself and making them feel worse in your mind, without them knowing. It’s a pessimist’s optimistic wet dream. Treat annoying people like you treat a line of cocaine with your friends…. Absorb it, act like you’re enjoying it, and try only to take it in small doses (kidding, I’m a drug free zone. Unless you consider fantasy football a drug. Then I’m an addict).


1. You Are Getting Closer To Death, Enjoy Life

This is very cliché but also very true. While you notice a new gray hair each day, be thankful that you have some hair. You are a workaholic and feel like you never have time to appreciate life? Your next day off should be spent doing something fun with your favorite people. And make sure to tell those people how thankful you are for their time. Everyone’s so busy, you don’t know the next time you all can hang out. But please… Feel free to vent to them about how terrible traffic is, and how ignorant everyone can be. Because friends exist to absorb your crap. It’s encoded into their friend DNA.

So to all the Pessimists reading this blog, first let me say thank you for the page hits… and secondly, I hope you learned something. And if not, then I hope you have a terrible day.

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