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5 Simple Ways To Be A Loser


Here is a short list of valuable things people do to become losers. Listen and learn…


5. Lack Any Curiosity

– People who lack curiosity don’t want to explore new avenues. If you elect to sit at home and watch The CW all day, then your life is destined to stay that way.



4. Have an Inability to Comprehend Success

– My mother always said, “if you can envision something, you can make it a reality.” But losers do not even know, or care, about success.



3. Be An Online Troll

– Losers are people who peruse 50 million internet sites just to leave scathing comments and pick fights with other users. They are classic examples of wanting what you can’t have. If you aren’t successful than nobody should be.



2. Work Fewer Than 10 Hours A Week

– In 2014, a lot of people don’t really like to work. Not a problem,  they just granted themselves permission into Loserville.



1. Don’t Have Goals

– This could be as simple as cleaning your house or taking out the trash, but some people don’t have ANY goals, and it’s sad. So don’t let yourself fall into this trap.

Don’t be a slob today!

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