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BroApp: Don’t Let It Change You


A couple of days ago, a new Android app hit the marketplace. Called BroApp, it automatically sends your girlfriend text messages throughout the day so it seems like you’re not forgetting her (even though you are). These can be anything from generic to personal, and you can customize each message to say what you’d like. The point being, technology is starting to take the place of bros. SO DON”T LET IT! If you haven’t contacted your girl in a while, let your bro remind you to text her. That’s what bros are for. Because while technology can be fine and dandy, real-life bros are dandier. Don’t be shamed into letting your iPhone keep your relationship intact, be bro-sponsible by letting your bro do his thang for you. It’s what is best for you, and the world.


Let Me Explain

When fellow bros are going through tough times, it is important to offer them your bro services. This means an attentive ear and a pat on the shoulder as if to say, “you got this bro, everything’s gonna be rad.”  Or, in other situations, it is important to remind him, “she’s too young for you bro.”


I Got You Bro

No matter the struggle in a bro’s life, his bro-friend’s struggle comes first. There’s no better feeling than helping your bro out. Trust me, a bro needs help, he’s not superman. It’s perfectly natural. There are going to be tough times for a bro, but the only thing that makes these tribulations more bearable for the bro is the assistance of his bro-patriots. See, patriotism is not merely synonymous with nationalism. It can apply to any kind of strong loyalty. Bro-patriots. It’s a real thing. And what’s more, it’s an important thing.


You Got A Problem With This?

Girls have girlfriends to help them through life, so why can’t bros have bro-friends? Must I repeat myself that it is PERFECTLY NATURAL, and more so, it is essential to our existence as males. Even if a guy is in a long-term, committed relationship with a female, it is crucial for him to have an adequate supply of bro-friends to keep him sane. So take that Android! You’re welcome bro.

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