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The Return of the Velvet Suit: Are You Man Enough to Dress Like Macklemore?


Velvet suits are by no means a new trend. Men have been wearing them for decades; after all, they exude true sex appeal. In the past few weeks, we have seen a resurgence of celebrities sporting them: from Matthew McConaughey at the Golden Globes to Macklemore, LL Cool J, and Robin Thicke at the Grammys. Velvet suits create an urban, yet classy, style for real luxury men. They can be traced back to the trend of the “Dandy” man and can be a versatile staple in any man’s closet. In case any of you wanted to show off your velvet suit or jacket in true Macklemore style, I would like to give you a few style tips to make the look come together.


First and foremost, velvet suits are usually worn in the evening. This is due to the elegance of the fabric and the style it creates. Unless you are going to an award show, I would recommend wearing a velvet blazer with a different material trouser bottom.  A full velvet suit is hard to pull off unless you are very young and eccentric – or an aging rock star. Velvet, in general, works best with a contrast between different textures. A black velvet blazer looks stunning with dark grey suit trousers and makes the outfit less “in your face.” You can always dress up and dress down your outfit by the pants you pair with it.  Luckily, these blazers are warm enough to slip on in place of a light coat in spring/fall, or if you live in a warmer climate during winter.



Underneath the blazer, wear a new crisp white shirt to further the sophistication of the velvet. If you are going to wear a tie or a bow tie, try to choose a dark color to match the blazer. To pull the entire look together, it is not a bad idea to add an accessory to give it a personalized edge. Do not go overboard with embellishments and keep the rest of the outfit somewhat understated. The velvet will stand out due to its lush qualities. Since it is such a unique style, make sure to wear it with confidence and “own” how great you look.



When shopping for the best blazer, look for rich, luscious colors such as navy, blue, deep purple, ivy-green, burgundy, grey, and black.  When putting together a velvet outfit, try to maintain approximately the same hues. As for upkeep, use a lint brush, steamer, or a professional dry cleaner when maintenance is needed. Never iron or fold a velvet blazer. If velvet gets wet, shake it dry, and hang up immediately so that you will be able to keep a crisp shape and clean lines.



If you do not want to venture out and wear an entire blazer made out of velvet, you can always get an alternative and wear a velvet lapel. Avoid the shawl or notched lapels and invest in a jacket that has sports peaked lapels. Look for a dominant, eye-catching peak that is precisely finished in order to keep the alpha-male style.



Whether you want to try this trend or not, make sure that you are confident in what you are wearing. If you cannot completely pull off an outfit, do not wear it. Velvet is an ongoing trend and it is not going anywhere soon – especially in award show season. The velvet suit is unique and specifically demonstrates personal style.  Whether it is  for Prom or a fundraiser, a velvet suite is a guaranteed eyebrow raiser. Don’t worry, though, in any event, you won’t look like you bought it at a thrift shop.

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