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Hosting the Olympics is like the real world equivalent of running for Senior Class President in high school. You’re put under the magnifying glass and just asking to be critiqued and ridiculed. Everything you do is being translated to people of very different backgrounds. And every once in a while, there’s a slim chance that you might just be epically successful. Key words: slim chance.

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi are not off to a great start in their bid for epic success. Even before the games began this week, there were disastrous attempts at quelling gay pride in athletes and killing off the stray dogs that roam the city. Both resulted in bitches fighting back for their cause – whether it involved male ice skaters or female dogs.

Now that athletes and spectators alike have arrived in Sochi, reports show that conditions in the city aren’t any better. Construction is far from complete. Visitors have posted pictures of lobby-less hotels, live wires exposed in their showers, and toilets lined up with no walls to guard the sanctity of your parts. During the Opening Ceremonies, graphics displayed only four of the five Olympic rings (see below). And athletes are questioning their living quarters as they attempt to prepare for the event of a lifetime while sleeping in twin beds and drinking yellow water (also see below).

In response, the hashtag #SochiProblems has been widely successful on Twitter, and the handle @SochiProblems has more followers than the actual official Olympic handle, @Sochi2014. Here are a few of the most popular posts:






As the games continue, we’ll get a glimpse into more than just the amenities offered to visitors. New athletic facilities, judges, and ceremonies are sure to unlock even more surprises. Stay tuned!

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