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WTF News: 200 LB Penises, Jelly Giants, and More!


The latest in WTF News from the past week includes some truly wacky stories. Enjoy.

Teen Takes Selfie with Dead Body

So I’ve never been into the whole “selfie” phenomena, but this girl gets the ultimate fail. A senior at Clements High School in Alabama took a selfie with a cadaver during an anatomy field trip to the University of Alabama. The University states, “sheets were not supposed to be removed from donated bodies and that under no circumstance were students or any other visitors supposed to have cell phones or recording decides on hand during the tour.” Girl, come on. I know you’re trying to get as many likes on Facebook and Insta as possible, but this is pretty low. It’s also kind of creepy. I bet the spirit from that body is planning to photobomb every one of her photos hereafter. Hopefully it doesn’t go all Paranormal Activity on you.

"I'm gonna get sooo many likes!"

“I’m gonna get sooo many likes!”


Monsters Are Real: Giant Jellyfish Found!

So we know about giant squid and man-eating fish and all the other creepy things found at the bottom of the ocean. But this week a giant, 5ft jellyfish washed up on shore in Tasmania. Leave it to Australia to find ANOTHER terrifyingly, deadly creature. According to scientists, they’ve known about this species’ existence, but have not yet classified it. Also, fun fact: the world’s largest jellyfish, known as the Cyanea Arctica, can grow up to 10ft. NOPE. More proof that the ocean is a freaky yet fascinating place.





200lb Wooden Cock Discovered on Car

Teehee…I can’t quite get over this photo yet. Recently a prominent Putin critic and Twitter satirist, Katya Romanovskaya, wanted to go for a drive in Moscow but was shocked to discover a 200lb wooden penis on the roof of her car. HAHA. Apparently she and a co-author spent all day trying to get the police to take the dick seriously and help her remove it. But the cops were too busy laughing and taking pictures. She eventually was able to get the phallic object into her apartment in order to decide what to do with it. Umm….I’d be concerned if the obvious answer doesn’t come to you right away Katya. Imagine the bachelorette party you could have with that!


Talk about morning wood...

Talk about morning wood…

McGruff the Crime Dog Caught with Drugs

This has to be the biggest case of irony I’ve seen yet! I’m sure most of you remember McGruff the Crime Dog from elementary school? He taught us never to talk to strangers, never give in to peer pressure, and most importantly, SAY NO TO DRUGS!

Thanks McGruff, for teaching me not to get in strangers’ cars.

Well. Turns out former McGruff the Crime Dog actor, John Morales, will be doing 16 years in prison for possessing 1,000 marijuana plants and a grenade launcher. I want to believe the best for McGruff. He was such a cool dog. So, who knows. Maybe the grenade launcher was part of a cartoon-like heist to catch drug dealers and was planning to use the pot as bait…good doggie.


Apple iPhone: Catching Fire

A middle school student in Maine perfectly performed the “stop, drop and roll” maneuver when her Apple iPhone 5C cell phone randomly caught fire in her pocket during school. According to the girl, she heard a popping sound and smoke began to gather around her. In my opinion, this sounds like another reason to switch to an Android phone…either that or the girl lied about something. (Liar, liar pants on fire…get it!?).



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